Club Games + Results


Saturday's latest winners are looking right at you from the top photo. For previous winners scroll to the bottom of this page. After a certain time older articles are transferred to Galleria.

Club Games

Club games are played at the Club and amongst Club Members only. Games formats are shown below. The good thing is there are no divisions or leagues, everyone plays with everyone regardless of expertise. For players just starting out you'll get to play alongside experienced players so that’ll help you pick up the game

Newcomers! Come and watch while we "have a go at P'tonk", see our short Video. If you’re interested in becoming a member or just want to have a go yourself, see Join Us

Play for Fun On Wednesdays

On this casual day you can join in and leave whenever it suits you because the draw is “out of the bucket”. Here’s the schedule

  • The Clubhouse opens around 10.30
  • the first game starts at 11.00
  • lunch half an hour is at 12.00 and
  • games continue at 12.30, 1.30 and 2.30 for those wanting to play longer

What is “out of the bucket”? Everyone puts one of their boules in the bucket. The bucket is given a shake. Two boules are drawn out and placed on the piste, these two people make up a team. Another two boules are drawn out and those two players become your opponents. This is quick and flexible. You may end up playing with someone you have already played with if so ask to swap. There is no fee for playing Wednesday games and there are no results or prizes, just enjoyably casual games.

Be Social on Fridays

Our new floodlights were installed in late 2020 and have made playing on into the evening possible.Teams are randomly computer drawn so even if you're new you could be playing with an expert and winning a prize. REGISTRATION MUST CLOSE ON TIME. PLEASE DON'T BE LATE. with the Club opening at 5.00. Registration by 5:15 and games starting at 5.30 and 6.30. At 7.30 we have a BYO dinner together, maybe we bring the BBQ out, if the weather is mild we dine outside as the sun goes down which provides a lovely atmosphere. After dinner we play one more game under stars and lights. It's a great end of week relaxation. 

Win A Prize On Saturdays

Teams are randomly computer drawn so even if you're new you could be playing with an expert and winning a prize. Here's how it works

  • Throughout the year Club opens at 12.00 for lunch (Summer is different, see below)
  • you must REGISTER BY 12.45 at the Clubhouse or you won't be in the draw for the afternoon,
  • the draw for all 3 games is made at 12.50.
  • 3 games are played and finish by around 4.30. See Timed Games further below.

The teams are usually pairs but sometimes triples depending on numbers. At the start of the afternoon, teams are randomly drawn for all 3 games by computer. This ensures you don't team up with the same person twice though occasionally you may play against the same person more than once. Players are encouraged to play all 3 games otherwise it upsets the draws. At the end of the day prizes of bottles of wine are awarded to both male and female winners, the number of prizes depending on the number of players. Saturdays are essentially the same relaxed games as Wednesdays but usually with more players and with prizes.

Please Don’t Be Late!

To make Saturday’s schedules work for everyone there is one major courtesy expected of all players. REGISTRATION MUST CLOSE ON TIME. PLEASE DON'T BE LATE.

If you are late you won’t be in the draw, we can’t hold up the afternoon’s games for one person. For the same reason please don’t call and say “I’m on the way, traffic is a bit heavy”. It may be worse than you think. If you arrive before the first game has started you will be manually inserted into another team and you will be playing triples, possibly more than once so as not to disturb the original draw. The Members who were about to play doubles now have to play triples which is generally less liked. Say no more!

Timed Games

Club games are timed. Games start by a ring of the bell and are timed to 45 minutes (other club’s competitions may differ). When time is up the end bell will be rung regardless of your score at the time. You may have got to 13 points and already won. But if not the rules say once the end bell has rung you finish the end you are playing, then play one more end. If that results in a draw you play one further end as a tie breaker.

Confusion arises mainly from people not knowing when an end finishes. It is simple. An end finishes when the last boule has been played and all boules and the cosh have stopped moving. That is the end of that end. The thing to remember is the next end is deemed to have started at the exact same time as the previous end finished. There is no time gap between one end finishing and the next end starting.

2 examples will help -

-          The last boule has been thrown and all boules have now stopped moving. That end is now over. So the next end has now started. A moment later the bell goes. Even though no-one has yet thrown a boule for this new end, it had started before the bell went. So you finish this new end and play one more end (+ a tie breaker end if a draw)

 -          The last boule has been thrown but it hit another boule which is still moving when the bell goes. So that end hadn’t finished when the bell went. So you finish that end and play one more end (+ a tie breaker end if a draw).

The Latest

Last updated: 12-05-2024
A Beautiful Day full of fantastically played games. Those that came out on top were: Suzi, Bernie,... MORE
Last updated: 05-05-2024
A great days  play in fantastic weather conditions. The quote " May the 4th be with you" Seeme... MORE
Last updated: 29-04-2024
Congratulations: Sofima. Gloria, Bob & Wayne. All well deserved on a very nice day.
Last updated: 23-04-2024
Winners Behind Bottles
Well done those people standing behind those bottles.   Cheers Gloria & Ivan
Last updated: 07-04-2024
Big Congratulations to Billie, Noella, Bastien and Ron Well Done!
Last updated: 04-04-2024
(Look who's back in town) Congratulations Kathy, Robert, Sofima and Bastien
Last updated: 04-04-2024
Congratulations Kenneth & Sofima. 
Last updated: 19-03-2024
Congratulations & Well done Gloria & Vinze
Last updated: 04-03-2024
Fantastic day with 24 players. Plenty of excitement all over the place. And the winners were: Sofim... MORE
Last updated: 24-02-2024
Wow! What a day. Beautiful and a magic display of skill and art........with a couple of equal 3rds.... MORE
Last updated: 20-02-2024
Congratulations to all our winners. 2 weeks in a row for Jenny and a precurser for the next day's tr... MORE
Last updated: 04-02-2024
Yes, it was a warm day. Not as bad as some expected. But anyday is a beautiful day to play Petanque.... MORE
Last updated: 30-01-2024
Congratulations to the Saturday WINNERS  Mary, Billie, Max, Patrick, Leigh & Colin.
Last updated: 21-01-2024
Such a happy & enthusiastic lot of winners
It can go unsaid; any day is a great day to play petanque. And Saturday was no exception - Fantastic... MORE
Last updated: 10-01-2024
A Fantastic Saturday Competition which included Sactown Petanque's President and Secretary... MORE
Last updated: 20-12-2023
Wow! Some of our members are keen to play. Noella just stepped off a plane, coming from snowy Northe... MORE
Last updated: 18-12-2023
Although a few players away at the Avoca event, there were still lots of high quality competitors re... MORE
Last updated: 26-11-2023
Congratulations to Mark, Bob, Bernie & Mary D. Outstanding Play. And check out those knees on Bo... MORE
Last updated: 09-11-2023
Another perfect petanque playing day with over 30 players demonstrating their skills and talents.... MORE
Last updated: 31-10-2023
What a magnificent day, and with over 30 competitors, 2 potentials and a player with a broken arm, a... MORE
Last updated: 22-10-2023
Congratulations to our winners of the day. And a perfect Petanque day it was (like most at CPC) Wel... MORE
Last updated: 24-09-2023
Jean, hHelen, Michael, Coleen
Perfect day on the pistes! Great day's play for everyone in the sun. Congrats to the winners today:... MORE
Last updated: 18-09-2023
A near perfect weather day for the 28 players who joined in the fun.   Congratulations to tho... MORE
Last updated: 03-09-2023
Nice to see some newer faces on the Podium as well as the usuals. Although Mark seems to be in these... MORE
Last updated: 03-09-2023
Actually everyone that came along to play on Saturday were winners. Perfect weather, pistes,competit... MORE
Last updated: 29-08-2023
It might have been the "Exciting" AGM. It could have been the warmth of the New a/c units. Or Maybe... MORE
Last updated: 26-07-2023
With preparations for the French Soiree going on in the Clubhouse, numbers were down but the competi... MORE
Last updated: 13-07-2023
Who would believe it. Luncheon in the Sun on a Wednesday play day in the middle of a Melbourne Winte... MORE
Last updated: 13-07-2023
Congratulations to our Saturday wInners. A regular Podium Poser along with the newest Battling all s... MORE
Last updated: 05-07-2023
Once again the dedicated players defied the forecast weather and had a full 3 games with only a few... MORE
Last updated: 29-06-2023
Vinz, Girl, Yacht.
 Wow! Great turn out again for Saturday. Good to see the home coming Travellers - Helen & C... MORE
Last updated: 04-06-2023
Another surprisingly beautiful Winters  Playing day. You may may not have thought so viewing th... MORE
Last updated: 01-06-2023
Ducks in a Row
How's this for some consistency?
Last updated: 14-05-2023
Although not a lot of contenders, due mainly to so many Club Members on their overseas travels, the... MORE
Last updated: 23-04-2023
An exciting day of competition and beautiful weather. All winners had to play to the highest standar... MORE
Last updated: 16-04-2023
Considering the impending weather, there was a good turnout of 20 players for Saturday's competition... MORE
Last updated: 12-04-2023
Whoo Hoo!
Congratulations to Vicki M. and Bastian. Well Done
Last updated: 05-04-2023
Rosie, Andrew & Vicki M.
An exciting day and a fantastic petanque day on the pistes. With 24 players and great competition we... MORE
Last updated: 11-03-2023
Congrats to Suzi, Baard, the lovely Bernie and always there; Ron Well Done all
Last updated: 07-03-2023
For someone who claims not to imbibe, Gloria certainly does a great job of decreasing the Clubs Wine... MORE
Last updated: 23-02-2023
Excellent play by a good turnout for such a fantastic Day. Hand calculations to finalise results. (... MORE
Last updated: 06-02-2023
Saturday 04 Feb. was a little damp underfoot but actually a really good Petanque Playing day. We ha... MORE
Last updated: 23-01-2023
A very well attended and beautiful petanque day with an abundance of winners. Congratulations to:... MORE
Last updated: 11-12-2022
Noella & Baard took away the wines after an excellent days play. If Marion & Robert had sta... MORE
Last updated: 11-12-2022
Noella, Helen, Ron & Rex
A Happy band of wine procurers from a very competitive day. The weather brought out the players and... MORE
Last updated: 11-12-2022
They used to say Winners were Grinners.  Don't know what happened here.  Was it because... MORE
Last updated: 03-11-2022
There may be a certain amount of luck in our game of Petanque, but when you see real quality shine t... MORE
Last updated: 12-10-2022
Wow! the Sun really did bring out the players. Such a beautiful day. Where else could you possibly... MORE
Last updated: 08-10-2022
Ghillie Thompson and  Ron Dunstan
Well done All Players .   Congrats to Ghillie Thompson and  Ron Dunstan    ... MORE
Last updated: 25-09-2022
A fantastic Petanque playing day (as they all are) with a surprising number of players, considerin... MORE
Last updated: 25-09-2022
  RECRUITING NOW   Play Day “ Openers”   Meet Nice People.  Great Working... MORE
Last updated: 11-09-2022
A lovely day for 17 players. Even the TV remote worked properly. And again Dr Bob & Gloria feat... MORE
Last updated: 05-09-2022
It seems like we will have to get a few more players along or to play all three games as the faces o... MORE
Last updated: 29-08-2022
What a day. Anyone would thing Spring had Sprung. Whatever, it surely brought out the best in all p... MORE
Last updated: 22-08-2022
Combining business and pleasure at our Annual General Meeting which was followed by pizza wine and p... MORE
Last updated: 16-08-2022
Beautiful weather. Beautiful Game. And the player were OK too.   Well done Vince , Gloria (ag... MORE
Last updated: 13-08-2022
A dodgy lot indeed
One of those typicallly beautiful CPC Petanque Play days. Started off In so much sun players were l... MORE
Last updated: 01-08-2022
It was 11.50am on Sat 30 July and a  beautiful Melbourne day. Perfect winter pétanque weather a... MORE
Last updated: 17-07-2022
Terence (Grampians Club) & Noella
Congratulations to Noella and Vistor Terence from the Grampians Club
Last updated: 11-07-2022
Lefties Lap it up
Today  CPC. Tomorrow The World! Lefties of the world unite! An absolute wipe out to all those... MORE
Last updated: 04-07-2022
What a bumper number of competitors yesterday!    Twenty-three eager members faced off w... MORE
Last updated: 26-06-2022
Saturday June 25
Surprisingly good Weather. Excellent Players. Lots of Coming & Goings. These happy Victors; Co... MORE
Last updated: 26-06-2022
Coaching News
Please veiw this article from the NEWS BULLETIN section at the top of the website Home Page
Last updated: 26-06-2022
Grinning, Winning and Wining
A well fought out competition this Saturday as there were over 42 players. Maybe  it was the we... MORE
Last updated: 17-06-2022
A reasonable turnout of 14 players, considering the wx this Saturday. Winners of the Wine; Sue... MORE
Last updated: 06-06-2022
Terence, Michael Y, Gloria, Leigh
With freezing winds and rain predicted, 23 hardy petanqueurs hit the pistes for Saturday's competiti... MORE
Last updated: 29-05-2022
Mary (visiting from Pyrinees Petanque Club), Tony, Howard, Trish, Helen & Wayne.
Over 24 Players for this Saturday. Lots of 3 Game winners with very little between deltas. Congratu... MORE
Last updated: 28-05-2022
Bernie & Neil
After a closely fought battle of 13 players on a rather chlly evening Bernadette & Neil emerged... MORE
Last updated: 24-05-2022
Noella & Tony
A well fought out series of rounds with 12 members got Noella and Tony to the winners Podium. Well... MORE
Last updated: 24-05-2022
Leigh, Denise, Ron
Approx 13 members and 6 Guests enjoyed a wonderful, although cool, evenings playing. Some incredibl... MORE
Last updated: 24-05-2022
Jenny & Vinze
Big grins for Big wins. Congrats to Jenny & Vinze
Last updated: 15-05-2022
Shelley’s shot at 9 metres, knocking Colin out from the coche
Only 5 due to the Surf and Turf, but Shelley’s shot at 9 metres, knocking Colin out from the coche i... MORE
Last updated: 07-05-2022
Mark & Trish
Eleven keen players, including guest Antoine Buffet, braced themselves against the wintery elements... MORE
Last updated: 26-04-2022
Marija and Neil triumphed - once again!
Marija and Neil triumphed - once again! - in our Friday game, congratulations to both of you. Mind y... MORE
Last updated: 16-04-2022
Winers & Winners
A good turnout with with great weather Look who all the winners are. For the Ladies; Barbi -... MORE
Last updated: 27-03-2022
Combing great weather, Council Public Fete Day and excellent playing, Trish & Mark R. came out w... MORE
Last updated: 21-03-2022
Everyone's a winner
Hmmmm….missed the winners’ photo….all I have is that group shot from the night.   Men’s Winne... MORE
Last updated: 21-03-2022
Wine, Winning Women & The Boys
Congratulations to Myriam, Annette, Rob & Vinze
Last updated: 17-03-2022
Vicki, Max W, Baard, Ghillie, Trish, Ron
30 members enjoyed a fabulous evening last Friday. Starting with 2 birthday celebrations for Leigh... MORE
Last updated: 17-03-2022
Keven, Gloria, Dr. Bob, Mary D
Saturday was a perfect day too, not a cloud in the sky and an easy temperature. 20 players, 4 pr... MORE
Last updated: 28-02-2022
Rob, Sandra & Baard
Congratulations Sandra, Rob and Baard. Swimming in the Winnings.
Last updated: 26-02-2022
With a crowd of 26 there were 4 winners on the first of the Friday nights where only 2 games are pla... MORE
Last updated: 14-02-2022
Colin & Noella
Saturday winners were unmistakeably Colin and the lady hiding under her very practical hat after a h... MORE
Last updated: 14-02-2022
Friday evening winners were partners in life Heinz and Jenny. On their first reappearance at the Clu... MORE
Last updated: 08-02-2022
Saturday 5th. Feb 22
Smiles all round and a family affair with Aileen & Rick ( Family) taking out Saturday Prizes alo... MORE
Last updated: 08-02-2022
Myriam & Vinze. Big Grinners
“Only 2 men got 3 games, Vinz and Ron who missed 1st place by just 4 deltas. At the other end of th... MORE
Last updated: 07-02-2022
Warren, Shelly, Noella, Guy
Congratulations to this weeks winners; Warren, Shelly, Noella, Guy Fantastic to see new faces. Wel... MORE
Last updated: 07-02-2022
Friday 21st saw winners of the Competition, Mary & Ron  as the big Grinners. But the candl... MORE
Last updated: 16-01-2022
Whoo Hoo! First for 2022
Well Done to Baard & Irene. Outstanding Play gave big results
Last updated: 01-01-2022
Last updated: 16-12-2021
Meeters & Greeters
What a fantastic first event after all the Lock downs. Perfect Weather, Perfect Pistes and Perfect C... MORE
Last updated: 16-12-2021
    See the Awards Presentation for the inaugural Round here: MORE
Last updated: 31-08-2021
Billie & Max
A collection of  images of some of the Home pistes and areas that members are using to get thei... MORE
Last updated: 09-08-2021
Fantastic to see the Saturday play underway with the new "SHOOT" computer programme working the... MORE
Last updated: 09-08-2021
Deidre & Rex
Friday 30 July was the first Friday Club Competition for some time. With 20 players playing hard for... MORE
Last updated: 02-12-2020
First Game on the New Piste
Friday evening 27th .Nov It’s been said before on these pages, that all who attend are winners. And... MORE
Last updated: 23-11-2020
Saturday 21st November
by Di We had a zesty group of 15 members attend on Saturday. Perfect weather for pétanque mixed wit... MORE
Last updated: 16-11-2020
Winners 14 November
An interesting day's play. Distractions galore, including noisy, hoon driven mega machines and the... MORE
Last updated: 09-11-2020
Although there were no wine prizes. competition was fierce, the pistes were....interesting and the w... MORE
Last updated: 09-11-2020
Didn't have an available shot of the day
Saturday 13 June results Booked to capacity with 24 players. Ladies: 1. Gloria 2. Suzi 3. Leigh G... MORE
Last updated: 31-05-2020
Well, we're baaaaack! And what a start. Lots of protocols, distancing, sanitaizing and more. All ve... MORE
Last updated: 15-03-2020
Congrats to Marion & Rex. The ladies was a hard fought out  delta fininsh with 3 ladies eq... MORE
Last updated: 08-03-2020
Here they are in All their Autumn Glory Congrats to Helen , Jenny, Mark and Peter. Well done all B... MORE
Last updated: 02-03-2020
Wine by the Spoonfull
"Saturday saw a Leap Year Special, an extra bottle to the lowest scoring male and female. You could... MORE
Last updated: 27-02-2020
Grinning and Winning. Marion and Mark (and Friend)   And well done Marion. The only 3 game wi... MORE
Last updated: 11-02-2020
Saturdays winners were Gloria and Rex. Rex; more of a Bradbury win we think. The astute ones of our... MORE
Last updated: 07-02-2020
Due inclement weather only 4 players. Not enough to bring out the wine trophies, sadly.
Last updated: 28-01-2020
Great day with a good turnout of players. Wine winners included Guy,  JF,  Gloria and Hel... MORE
Last updated: 28-01-2020
Winners were Trish (1) with a strong score of 3/15 and Gloria (2) who did a Bradbury with 1/-5!! Men... MORE
Last updated: 12-01-2020
After a terrific downpour late Friday afternoon and into the night (a great opportunity for stalwart... MORE
Last updated: 07-01-2020
The winners were Men: Antoine 1st (Win/Delta 2/11) and Keven2nd (2/8), Ladies:, Jenny 1st (3/26!!)... MORE
Last updated: 26-12-2019
Wow! nice to see a few different faces here for a change. Fantastic day for Play - aren't they alwa... MORE
Last updated: 15-12-2019
Look who is on the podium today.   Congratulations Peter, John, Barbie and Helen. Fantastic m... MORE
Last updated: 06-12-2019
What a fantastic Day. A great turnout with much competition. There was more than one "Kissing of som... MORE
Last updated: 28-11-2019
Winners (inc. Gloria) & Winers (not Inc. Gloria)
Approx 20 players were out on dry pistes under blue Skies. Which is fantastic as there were 16 other... MORE
Last updated: 19-11-2019
Winning With Style
Well Done Suzy and Colin. Great to see a turnout of 15 players when so many were attending Avoca.
Last updated: 14-11-2019
Winners are Grinners
Fighting wind, rain, sleet and snow, fourteen brave souls ventured out onto the pistes to do battle... MORE
Last updated: 06-11-2019
Ducks! where are the Ducks?
"After Friday's cosy dinner under the stars you all knew Saturday was going to be tough didn't you!... MORE
Last updated: 05-11-2019
Who needs expensive overhead lights when you have smart phones? What a great opening night for the... MORE
Last updated: 21-10-2019
Congratulations Baard, Gloria (again), Sue, Andrew (again & again) and Colin (again)
Last updated: 08-10-2019
winning & Grinning
Exceptional en piste action by all players on the day, but in the end these happy winners made it to... MORE
Last updated: 30-09-2019
They may not have beeen wearing brown and yellow, but these players certainly were the winners on th... MORE
Last updated: 28-09-2019
Through a mix of weather Kathy & Rex ended up with a great party with the wine winnings. Whoo H... MORE
Last updated: 15-09-2019
Lots and lots of winners this Saturday 14th September. Congratulations Aileen, Chris and Alma in th... MORE
Last updated: 10-09-2019
Doug and Friends
What a great turnout for Saturday's play. Considering the weather prediction it was fantastic. We ac... MORE
Last updated: 01-09-2019
Wine Winners as Winter's Windless Weather Withers
Wow! What a wonderful wealth of winners and winers (Give me a break. I'm trying... I don't have alot... MORE
Last updated: 25-08-2019
Grinning Winners
Congratulations to Helen, Mick, Gloria and Rex. All had great Deltas
Last updated: 21-08-2019
Congratulations Maureen & Graeme
Last updated: 11-08-2019
Die Hards
Mad dogs and Englishmen may have come to mind when watching the 2 "Die Hards" out in the rain, cold,... MORE
Last updated: 05-08-2019
3 winners and a vague representation of the 4th
Well the competition was all over the place on this Saturday. It seems that the theory of some; that... MORE
Last updated: 28-07-2019
Happy as
Another beautiful petanque day at the club saw a hard fought out competition, particularly in the ge... MORE
Last updated: 24-07-2019
 An outstanding play by Irene to come clear  in the ladies and take home the wine. On the... MORE
Last updated: 16-07-2019
Winners and Helper
The 13th was not an off putting number for these petanquistes. John Muscat and Mary were the winners... MORE
Last updated: 15-07-2019
Having been totally rained out last week, even resorting to playing cards, though having to eat Guy'... MORE
Last updated: 22-06-2019
What a great day of quality petanque, perseverance, prowess and points. A well fought out day of co... MORE
Last updated: 17-06-2019
50% Saturday winners
Saturdays winners was a well fought out competition with very close deltas. In fact no surprise... MORE
Last updated: 09-06-2019
Green Hat, Blonde Hair, Wine & Smiles
Green Hat, Blonde Hair, wine and big smiles. Great combination. Congratulations!  
Last updated: 03-06-2019
See! Getting a hat does work
"It was a lovely afternoon, not cold nor windy with a good turnout of 20+. Nothing much happened apa... MORE
Last updated: 27-05-2019
 And the wine goes to................ Chris & Ben. Congratulatations to you both. Ben ende... MORE
Last updated: 13-05-2019
That look of excitement. And Narelle looks happy too
Congratulations Gloria, Narelle, Peter & Andrew As Gloria is not a wine drinker, Is it true tha... MORE
Last updated: 06-05-2019
Green Hat Dominates
Saturday May 4, 2019 Winners Amidst a sea of Blue on Saturday, THAT green hat came through again!
Last updated: 30-04-2019
Familiar Faces
That green hat seems to get up in this place quite regularly.   Good onya Myriam, Mark and An... MORE
Last updated: 21-04-2019
Winners are Winers
Familiar Faces here. More Practise More wins. More wins, more wine. Whoo Hoo! Picture Credit: John... MORE
Last updated: 15-04-2019
It was totally the Helen & Mark Show on this Saturday. One could be forgiven for thinking that M... MORE
Last updated: 09-04-2019
Winnin & Grinnin
Despite the Club having already won two trophies and awarded 3 birthday honours the celebrations con... MORE
Last updated: 01-04-2019
Rain or Snow?
Jolly Roger March 2019 The end of summer was certainly signalled at the Home of the Mt Macedon Peta... MORE
Last updated: 01-04-2019
Today was perfect!
“Today was perfect! Wish you were here. It was a goldilocks day of petanque, beautiful warm sunshine... MORE
Last updated: 13-03-2019
got your attention
 It was a perfect day and we had 24 players. Mark was shooting very well and came first (3/29 t... MORE
Last updated: 13-03-2019
Saturday winners for 12th Jan were Howard 3 games 18 delta, Peter B 2/15, Jenny Cuthbert 3/13 and ne... MORE
Last updated: 11-03-2019
Without a doubt the winner this week was The Club With a fantastic turnout, lots of sweat, a bliste... MORE
Last updated: 25-02-2019
Sat 23 Feb
CPC’s guests were Lothar and Xioa Mei, annual migrants to sunny Bundoora from Germany and Michal and... MORE
Last updated: 22-02-2019
Saturday Feb 16 winners
Last Saturdays Winners Chris 1st. Ladies, Barbie 2nd Ladies, Andrew 1st. Gents and Rex scraping in 2... MORE
Last updated: 05-02-2019
Saturday Winner
At first there was one. Then 2. After the Cancellation of the Sunday Comp., the thought was maybe th... MORE
Last updated: 19-01-2019
Jenny & John Joint Winners Jan 19th. No they didn't win a joint but but they did take home... MORE
Last updated: 15-01-2019
Saturday 3rd January Winners: Well done Guy and Myriam. After a countback, Human versus IT, Guy cam... MORE
Last updated: 14-01-2019
They did it again!
Yes after many, many hours of practice Kanya and Heinz finally managed to connect a High Five. Their... MORE