Saturday 13th.July

The 13th was not an off putting number for these petanquistes. John Muscat and Mary were the winners but there seems to have been enough input from Colin that he was awarded an Honourable Mention on the day (but no wine, note). There were a few memorable moments. The afternoon started with bucketing rain that near flooded the pistes. So the Treasurer in a moment of irresponsibility stood up and said "it's a shitty afternoon let's open a few bottles of wine" After all the tut-tutting had subsided caps were unscrewed without any further complaints. Eventually there was just room for 4 games at different angles between the puddles and play started. In a rush to get started and clearly unaffected by wine, my teamate threw the first boule down the piste and when the opposition looked, it was right on the cosh - wow! "Can hardly see the cosh" said our opposition wondering whether to shoot or hard point. At which, sheepishly, my partner threw the cosh down the piste too.

Later, after much taunting there was a whisper in my ear "if you dare write my name in that website I'll kill you". Well played Mxxxxxn!

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