Upsets Are wonderful!

One of the advantages of petanque is that the pistes can be lucky for you. The average player’s boule may end up closer to the cosh than the experienced player’s because, sadly, his landed on a stone and bounced off sideways. "Oh dear, what a pity"!

So it's not surprising you get upsets in matches - "You beat THEM? Wow, well done you!"  Yes, doesn't that feel really good. But you can't rely on this all the time!

Playing Better All The Time  -  Is Better

Aside from hoping pistes will help you win there are a lot of simple things you can do to play better, many are not hard to master. This menu gives you heaps of suggestions how to improve - and that's without even going to a training session or practicing!

If you’re thinking 'I'm not sure this is for me' just read on, persevere a little, have a look at what's there. To paraphrase one of Australia's better advertising slogans “If you never have a go, you'll never ever know!

There are 4 links below to help you feel better about your game. That's because they will help you to actually play better. Even if you’re only an 'average' player and all you want is a few hours fun at the Club, these notes can help you feel better every time you go home.

Better Know The Rules

The PFA/FIPJP rules are complex and sometimes difficult to follow. Club players should know all the rules they are likely to encounter. The main rules for timed games, and some are easy to forget, are summarised here Rules