What a fantastic first event after all the Lock downs. Perfect Weather, Perfect Pistes and Perfect Company.

Over 40 players were welcomed at the registration point by lovely Facinator & Hat wearers, Leigh & Kathy. French Champagne was then offered as a kickstarter to the day.

The Pistes had been fully dressed with lines and scorers after having been lovingly raked and tended the day before by Paul Williams'  "Enjoying the Game" Team.

Although the draw was "Boules from the Bucket", scores were kept as there was a beautiful, hand worked trophy crafted especially for the day. Unfortunatley the craftsman had had many disappointing experiences with horse racing and as such the trophy had a greater resemblence to a Donkey rather than a Racing Thoroughbred.

The atmosphere on the pistes was "Fun in The Sun" with a little music in the background to keep the Social party feeling humming along.

After the first round there was a lunch break. The "Hat of the Day" judging was handled expertly by guests of Will & Robyn; Lyndell and Tim. First Prize to Elaine where noted was the attention to  the handworked originality. A close second to John Whelan for his colour co-ordination of Pinks. Well Done All.

Before going back out to Round 2, the Draw for the sweep was conducted by Paul.

Round 2 was completed just in time for the running of the Cup where our large TV unit really came into it's own with the big screen providing a great view for all. Myriam took out the first prize in the

Following the Running of the Cup, Keven announced winners of the "Name the Crooked Carrots of Mary's" competition. Rosemary & Carol were winners there. Keven then Premiered the Video on the History Of Camberwell Petanque Club; " The Little Club That Could". This was recieved to vigorous acclaimation. Congratulations to Keven for all the work put into that.

Round 3 got underway, but with fewer competitiors, as the sunshine, good food and possibly good wine was taking it's toll on many of the players.

After 3 hard fought games and with an incredilby good delta, Guy was victorious and claimed the inaugral Post Lockdown CPC Cup Day Trophy. Well done indeed.

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