Petanque - Funny Name, Great Game!

Being French nothing sounds as it looks!

The game is petanque = P'tonk
Played with steel boules = boul
On a stony piste = peest
With a cochonnet = coshonay ('cosh')

Petanque is a great game, played widely across the world, particularly in France. See how it's played, watch our short  video. Petanque is good for all ages and easy to learn and even play well. Play is every Wednesday and Saturday at the Club, scroll down to the grey and click 'When Do We Play' for details.

Why So Good

It's easy to learn and you'll quickly improve. It's outdoors, it's healthy, it's active, it's not exhausting! It's good for almost any age, it requires strategy, it keeps your mind alert. It's social, you get out, you make new friends and you may get to have a glass of wine. Enough said? And it’s different from what everyone else is doing!

Go On, Have A Go!

Come on, play a few games. There's no charge, we'll lend you the boules and pair you with a 'buddy'. Call Guy (0408 700 550), Peter (0428 148 786) or Colin (0418 552 171) and just say "Can I have a go at P'tonk!"

Interested In Joining?

Full membership is excellent value at $105 for a year’s enjoyable entertainment. Juniors can play for $10 p.a. Social membership is when you also belong to another Club. It’s only $50 p.a. and is growing in popularity. To find out more go to Membership or Join Us.

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