Saturday 23rd. February Winners

CPC’s guests were Lothar and Xioa Mei, annual migrants to sunny Bundoora from Germany and Michal and Shmuel visiting from Israel for a month.
The computer gave Lothar 1st prize  with 1 win and a delta of -5 (which meant the rest of the field not only played one game left handed but must have had their eyes shut too) but quick manual review correctly gave Shmuel 1st prize and Rex second,  with 3 wins and deltas of 19 and 18, just beating Andrew who had hoped he was in the running with 16. In the women’s competition, Mary won with 3 games and delta 12 followed by Gloria with 2/12. (Gloria your bottle is in the office, hope it stays there for you).

And of course we were all delighted to play wrong handed to welcome Alma back to playing. But the general feeling was never again.
Alma your left handed play is definitely up to scratch.
It was great to welcome you back to playing.

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