Saturday 27 July Winners

Another beautiful petanque day at the club saw a hard fought out competition, particularly in the gentlemens side. Andrew, John M, Rex and Vin all in for a nail biting finish. There were only a few delta points between them all. Lots of breath holding whilst waiting for the printer to crunch the numbers and churn out the result.

The Ladies outright was Gloria (again) but closely contested by Kanya. Chocolates instead of wine was a wise choice for Kanya as Andrew was bringing the wine home again. But this time not from first place.

Vin won top position this week with an excellent delta. Keep an eye on this new member as he seems to have a liking for the winners podium.

 The game of the day would have to go to the last game (of triples). Which was nail biting to the end. Maureen pulled some extraordinary shots which then brought the best out of all the other players.

Andrew, as the only mens player in the game did note though  how the games progression in time seems to be directly proportional to the amount of chatter that can be generated by the other 5 players.

Well done with excellent play from all contenders.

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