Friday 11th. March

30 members enjoyed a fabulous evening last Friday.

Starting with 2 birthday celebrations for Leigh and Max, congratulations on your 60th or whatever!

Trish presented them with her delightful chocolate cake with strawberies and cream, must get that recipe.

Prizes were awarded after 2 games (new rule), not 3 so everyone had a chance to win without playing late into the evening.

With 30 players there were 6 prizes and 4 of the 6 winners were new members, well done, just goes to show. (brilliant play? lucky partners? doesn’t matter, great outcome).

Women: 3rdVicki, 2nd Trish, 1st Ghillie.

Men: =3rd Max W and Baard, 2nd David May and 1st Ron D.

Just for a laugh we awarded a ’special’ prize to Julie May who kept smiling all evening despite nil wins and a delta of  -21, a memorable score for just 2 games.

Must have been your partners Julie, I was one! So Mr & Mrs May cleaned up.



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