A Great Venue For Your Special Occasion

Lynden Park Ticks All The Boxes

  • Beautiful location
  • Seats up to 100
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Easy, step-free access
  • Lots of free parking 

Get In Touch With Us, Come And Have A Look

Good availability weekdays and weekends See the Clubhouse location on the map below or at Contacts
Typical hire cost per day is $350, plus a refundable bond of $300
All enquiries to Pam Barnes pjbarnes13@hotmail.com phone 0418179911

Beautiful Location, Views and Space

It's a prestige location on top of Camberwell Hill overlooking playing fields to the West. The Clubhouse has been recently redecorated and recarpeted and looks out over the attractive petanque pistes and pergola. Unfortunately this specialised playing area is usually off limits but there's plenty of room for outdoor activities on the grassy lower ground level.

Seats 100 With Professional Catering Facilities

There is seating and tables for up to 100 people in comfort and likely more for a standing function, check with the hirer contact. The fully functional kitchen is well equipped with oven, microwave, pie warmer, fridge freezer, commercial dishwasher, lots of crockery, cutlery and glasses. There is generous working space with a servery hatch.

Easy Access And Lots Of Parking

There is easy access for everyone, there are no steps between carpark and Clubhouse. There are many spaces of free off-street parking right next to the Clubhouse. There is a convenient rear entrance directly into kitchen.


Lynden Park Recreation Ground. The old gate to the premises says "Camberwell Ladies Bowling Club".

The address is Wakefields Grove, 64A Through Rd, (opposite Garden Road), Camberwell, Victoria 3124. Melway page 60, F4. See the map below

Want To Get In Touch?

See the blue section above or go to Contacts.

Website - www.camberwellpetanque.org.au 

Download A Brochure

Click the attachment at the bottom of this page to download an A5 size 4 page colour brochure

Answers To All Your FAQ's

Who do I contact regarding any questions?

The Hire Coordinator Pam Barnes pjbarnes13@hotmail.com  phone 0418179911

What paperwork is required to be completed?

You can see the standard Lynden Park Application Form and the required Council 'dos and donts' forms as attachments at the bottom of his page. Both forms are for viewing only as the Hire Coordinator will provide you with the appropriate form. Modifications from the standard forms are sometimes needed to suit the particular function.

When can I come and have a look at the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is open when games are scheduled which is 11.00-3.00 on Wednesdays and 12.00-3.00 on Saturdays. These are the most convenient times to come for an inspection. Please notify Coleen Cartwright, see the first FAQ above, to ensure someone knowledgeable will be present to help you.

What times of day and days of the week is the clubhouse available?

Often in the evenings and sometimes during the day. This depends on the various clubs who meet at the Clubhouse throughout the week so contact the Hire Coordinator, see the first FAQ above.

What is the size of the seating area?

Counting all the guest space but not toilets and kitchen it's approx 187 sq m.

When can I get in early to set up?

That depends on when it is being used by others, usually on Saturdays it is 5pm

How do I get keys for early access?

The Hire Coordinator will arrange this with you.

What payment methods are available?

Direct debit into the Clubhouse bank account, see the details on the Application form.

When do we get our deposit back?

After the function is over the Clubhouse is checked so in practice that means the deposit will be returned to your bank a few days later.

What if we break something?

That very much depends on the extent of the breakages. If it’s only one or two glasses there’s probably no cost. If there’s a lot of breakages or damage the replacement/rectification cost will be deducted from the deposit.

What if by oversight we fail to lock up the premises securely on leaving?

Security is obviously of critical importance and in its absence could amount to sizeable costs being incurred by Boroondara Council and the occupying clubs. We therefore reserve the right to make a significant deduction from the deposit if the Clubhouse and premises are not fully secured after your hiring. The Hire Coordinator will advise you of this at the time. On the application form a named person will be required to sign to accept responsibility for ensuring every entrance and exit from the Clubhouse and Lynden Park grounds are properly secured. 

What if we wanted to hold a petanque competition?

The specialist petanque grounds are  out of bounds to hirers as this is linked to insurance cover. Talk to the Hire Coordinator if you have a special request. The lower grassed area can be used for activities.

Can we have music, is there any playing equipment there?

There is no playing equipment in the Clubhouse. Music is allowed so long as it is strictly kept to a level that does not upset neighbouring residences. If complaints are received relating to a specific hiring this may lead to restrictions on future hiring so we reserve the right to deduct a disturbance fee before returning the deposit.

Can we put up a marquee or jumping castle on lower ground?

Yes. - Subject to approriate insurance coverage

Is there any vehicular access to the lower grounds?


Is the Clubhouse equipped for disabled persons?


What if someone injures themselves, where is the first aid kit?

In the kitchen cupboard with the green cross on the door.

What if someone has an accident and are you insured?

Public Liability insurance covers the Clubhouse and the pathways to it from the 2 gates. There is no personal accident insurance

Things that are not permitted

Selling alcohol unless you have arranged a separate permit which we would need to sight beforehand.

Smoking inside the building.

Parties for 15 to 25 year olds, experience says this is the critical age group likely to result in neighbour complaints.

Going into the pantry area behind the sliding door off the kitchen except to access rubbish bags.

Having a live band as this is likely to be noisy and is not possible to ‘turn down’ as you can with an amplifier.

Starting any fire in the grounds.

Fixing in any way any object, banner or notice on walls or from the ceiling or fans.