Sunny Saturday 6 July

Having been totally rained out last week, even resorting to playing cards, though having to eat Guy's scrumptious birthday cake wasn't too dificult, this week was a fantastic day for petanque. Perfect weather, a good turnout and one amazing turnaround.

As we all know Gloria and Terry are both good players. One other important characteristic is they NEVER give up or assume the game is lost. Playing against strong competition they were 0 - 8 down. A dispiriting position to be in. By sheer hard work and faith in themselves they triumpphed 13 - 8. Petanque is not predictble. NEVER ASSUME YOU'VE LOST THE GAME

And another winner was Kanya, who not being a big wine drinker, was delighted we'd put chocolates back on the menu. That had been forgotten for a few months, sorry Kanya!

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