Jolly Well Rogered

Jolly Roger March 2019

The end of summer was certainly signalled at the Home of the Mt Macedon Petanque Club at the Jolly Roger on Saturday. Sun, Sleet, Rain and was that snow?. We had it all.

Although a "Jolly" good attempt was made by CPC, the ultimate trophy winner was the host Club.

Well done to all.

Hey! and well done to the provision Providers. A choice of not just one or two soups but three. They certainly must have contemplated the weather as the soups were ideal, and extremely popular. Chicken, meats, salads and more were well enjoyed and then there were Cheese platters too.

They did actually constrain most of the really wet weather to the Lunch break. Well organised I thought. However, it did mean we were all a captive audience to the singing talents of our Captain Host. Who also enlightened us to the fact that the trophy has nothing to do with pirates but it is more about the shape of the Trophy (?).

Final Results were: Camberwell Petanque Club; Wins 3, 2, 4, 2 = 11 Total

Mt.Macedon Petanque Club; Wins 4, 5, 3, 5 = 17 Total

Winner of the Ladies; CPC - Sue Gray with 2 wins - 36. MMPC Rhonda with 3 wins -43

For the Men. CPC; Guy 4 wins. MMPC Terry with 4 Wins.

A notable game was Peter Cuthbert's Team with a win of 13 to 2 but probably a less notable game from Rex's team with a 0-13 loss. Oh Dear! indeed.

Oh Well, Maybe Next time.....


Just in via email:

"Dear Camberwell members

I'd like to thank the Camberwell Petanque Club players for their ongoing support of the Jolly Roger competition. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and weren't too cold! We appreciated the sportsmanship shown and I think petanque was the winner on the day. Thanks for bringing a great morning tea. We look forward to next year's competition back on your home soil.

Kind regards



"Thank You email from the Macedon Petanque Club for Saturday Jolly Roger Challenge.

Also, Thank you from myself to all who braved the cold and the rain on that day, unfortunately

we were not able to regain the Trophy this year, but there is always next time on our home soil.

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