Managing Our Club

Legal Status

Under law, Camberwell Petanque Club Incorporated is a not for profit sports club registered with Consumer Affairs based on the Model Articles of Association. We have an ABN but are not registered for GST. Our AGM is held in early August.

Committee Structure

The Club is run by a Committee of volunteer members. There are the usual office bearer positions, President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer. There is no specified number of Committee members but there are usually around 8 which allows matters to be progressed even when some members are unable to attend. There are three off-Committee adjunct roles, a Membership Officer, Colin, our Website News Maestro, Rex, and our purveyor of petanque equipment, John Paul. The minimum number for a quorum is 50% of the Committee or 10% of members at an AGM.

There are many people other than those mentioned here who contribute to running the Club, see Contacts for some specific details.

Committee Members

President Guy Mercier 0408 700 550
Vice President Peter Barker 0428 148 786
Secretary Mick Berry 0418 533 764
Treasurer Keven Diggens 0410 578 568
Member John Muscat 0402 368 222 See membership contact list
Member Marion MacDonald 0425 817 020 See membership contact list

The Committee meets every month to achieve the Aims of the Club, see below, to forward plan activities and to guide and improve the Club's performance on all criteria. It's important the Club does not stand still or, as everyone knows, others will overtake us.

What's the Committee been doing?

Click here to see precis of recent Committee activities, projects, major decisions and other items of interest to all Members.

Joining the Committee

We would welcome members to join the Committee. New members on the Committee are one of the best ways to keep fresh ideas coming forward. The Committee meets monthly on a Saturday morning at the Clubhouse for 2 hours before play.

The Aims of the Club

    1. To provide the means for Members to enjoy and play petanque at all levels of ability, both socially and competitively.
    2. To provide regular training opportunities to help Members improve their knowledge as well as their standard of play.
    3. To hold petanque/social related activities to encourage a socially inclusive Club atmosphere.
    4. To participate in hosting inter-club, interstate and international events and encourage Members to play in these.
    5. To increase the Club's active player base through recruiting new and Social Members and re-engaging less active Members.
    6. To spread the work of running of the Club more broadly across all Members for a satisfying, fairer and better outcome.