REMOTE Home Piste Comp Results Weekly Update

Here are the results of week 2, second round REMOTE Competition.

This was a game devised for members who have both an “at home” playing area and an “at home”  partner. Both those requirements are necessary to compete.

If by chance you were missed on the first invitation to play please join in the next round this week

How it is worked and scored.

Players and partners played 3  timed games over a period of 3 days.

Once all scores are submitted  to the Master Tallyist -Max -  a random set of Draws is found by using shuffled playing cards

The average of  the two players scores in each  team was  applied to get a result for each game

Hence some scores having X.5

Then as normal scoring, wins and deltas were applied to obtain the overall result.

Thanks to Max for his work. Here they Are:
Congratulations to running Total week 4 Winner Billie (again), followed by, Greg and  Coleen .
It seems the new time of 22 minutes per game is having some effect on the scoring
(click tables to enlarge)
Please submit your scores by Fridy 6 pm.
See the Awards Presentation for the inaugural Round here:


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