Saturday 18th January 2020 Winers

Winners were Trish (1) with a strong score of 3/15 and Gloria (2) who did a Bradbury with 1/-5!! Mens were Heinz (1) with a glorious score of 3/29 and Keven(2) with an inglorious score of 3/19.

Sandra had a special birthday earlier that week and Howard was sent home with a couple of cakes to celebrate because Sandra had had to stay at home to clear up the house after the painters had been around.

All 15 people managed to squeeze their cars onto the small asphalt area, there was barely room for a dog to wag its tail between them!

The really good news was there wasn't a weed in sight following the spraying just before Xmas and hero John M who had spent two hours plodding steadily up and down in a moon suit spraying the pistes was looking very much alive and well!

A working bee will be held on the 8th feb to clean the weeds off the surface with special tools we've now purchased that mean you don't have to get down on your knees to do it.

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