Saturday 06 June Winners

Although there were no wine prizes. competition was fierce, the pistes were....interesting and the weather turned less interesting.

We had a a fulll booking sheet, which just goes to show how members have been missing the game and club socializing.

In fact the large number of attendees inspired Keven to choreograph a team photo, with interesting results. even though Mick is grinning about it, we are not quite sure what Di is trying to do.

Anyway, to the scores. Even though 3 players initially had to play a '21" round, a fair and equitable way was worked around to establish correct Deltas.

On that basis in the Ladies section, Suzi G won with 2 overall wins and a delta of plus 10. Libby was second with 2 wins and a delta of plus 5. Equal 3rd were Kathy and Di; 2 wins and Deltas of minus 4

In the Gents section; 3rd place for Colin who had 2 wins and delta plus 9. Second Robert P 3 wins Delt plus 12. Now please don't read anything into this, but for the 2nd week in a row, he who keeps the scores ( Rex) came first again. 3 wins, Delta plus 20. In fairness, the position of scorer is now open for applications ( Application fee applicable)




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