Friday 27th November 2020

Friday evening 27th .Nov

It’s been said before on these pages, that all who attend are winners. And this last Friday was no exception to that comment.

Of course the whole Club wins with the Double Banger features of Newly surfaced pistes and Beautiful, lovely, even, lighting.

More about the lighting elsewhere on this site.

It was hot and humid with 20 eager players, many of whom had not played a boule in 9 months let alone been to the club at all in that time.

With relaxed Covid rules games were “Boules in the Bucket” using gloved hand extraction.

Once a bit of catchup was out of the way the games started in earnest, with just one group -Chris, John M, John R and ever eager Vinze, deciding to take on the new surface.

With the surface looking a little daunting -hard and fast, it really required a lift in player skills to tame it. And it would seem admirably done so by that team.

A report on play on the Northern pistes could not pass without noting the absolute precision playing of Terry, who maintained she had not played for more than nine months, yet absolutely blitzed the field, reducing Rex to a dithering mess such was her grand style. Definite drug test for Terry in future games.

Others that haven’t been seen on the terrain for a while and played particularly well, were Robert Pozzobon, Gerald, John Ross, and guests Marianne and Lee - First time player.

Interesting to note about Lee, introduced by Guy, plays Bocce. The crossover seemed to work extremely well, as he excelled in every game, even taming the the newly surfaced pistes very quickly. Lee also juggles the boules.

Two games played before dinner and socialising ( with appropriate distancing) and the Grand Light Turning on Ceremony. In the absence of the Major Architect of getting the lighting,  John Muscat, the privilege was given to our Guest, Lee…and Bang! What a wonderful sight.

About this time Sandra and Howard arrived but chose not to play. Social members, David and Libby also arrived to play the last game.

Although the socializing was seemingly taking precedence, the third game finally got underway with just enough time before the lights were due to automatically extinguish at 10 p.m. Which they did as we packed up, sanitizing all the way.

As it was Boules out of The Bucket no scores were recorded, but what a seriously great night it was.

What a Club!

Late Breaking Detail  report from our on the spot corrrespondent Vinze;

On Friday the 27th November 2020 the first game took place on the newly resurfaced south piste.
John Muscat (who initiated the idea of the new playing surface) teamed up with John Ross to play the first game. After an intense battle they lost 10-8 to the formidable duo of Chris Buttler and Vinzenz Mueller. (sic)


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