Satirday 03 August Winners

Well the competition was all over the place on this Saturday. It seems that the theory of some; that alcohol relaxes and therefore makes for better playing, was well and truly shown to be a pile of crock.

And the harder some played the worse it got.

However, this does not mean that the winners had an easy day or didn't deserve their victories.

Barbie was sizzling with her play.  It seems she and Baad (who was also on fire) rather than supposedly being on an Arctic junket, may really have been at an intense petanque training camp, so good was their playing.

Once again we have one of our newest club members, Aileen, taking home wine. Great to see.

Guy on the podium again despite having Rex as his partner for one game. Amazing!

And for those that leave before announcements of prizes; beware, there will be badly painted representations of your image, possibly with added moustaches and other unpleasant  additions to your visage. Douglas has got off reasonably intact. This time.

NOTE: Additional prize to Guy for the most entertaining winding up of the screens in the centre shelter much to the enjoyment of those onlookers inside the Club House


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