Winning & Grinning Saturday 16 March

“Today was perfect! Wish you were here. It was a goldilocks day of petanque, beautiful warm sunshine, not too hot. 20 people, not too many, not too few. And in the first round a goldilocks of scores. Every game bar one was either 9-8,11-8 or 11-9. The only other number to feature was the two who got a rogue 12points, No one got to 13. The ladies winner was a deserving Maureen who nearly didn’t play her third game but as she already had 2 wins everyone said she must stay and stay she did winning all 3 games 11-9, 13-1, and 13-4 to get first prize with a magnificent delta, well done Maureen (3/23). Second was Sue R with 3/15. The men didn’t reach the high deltas of the ladies, Andrew won 3/13 followed by John Muscat at 2/6 who just beat Peter B on 2/4. But if you will go cruising round NZ having a very good time that’s what happens – you lose your touch for a week or two. Glad you had a good time, Peter. Meanwhile Kev was up a ladder measuring for shades or talking to the Monkey, we’re not quite sure which. He’s convinced he would have won otherwise.”

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