Membership + Club Shop

There are three types of membership, Adult, Social and Junior. Potential new members have three free trial opportunities to try out the game before becoming a Member, see Join Us

Adult Membership

Club fees

Camberwell have an annual adult membership fee of $80 p.a. Added to this is a $35 p.a. licence fee to Petanque Federation Australia which provides insurance cover. The annual membership cost is therefore $105. The membership year is from July to June with fees due before the start of the year. There is a sliding scale for people joining part way through a year. Download a Membership Application Form at the bottom of this page.

PFA licence fee

All club members throughout Australia must be licensed as players by Petanque Federation Australia, (PFA). Being licensed means you are automatically covered by Australia wide insurance should you have an accident between the time you leave home to travel to play at an authorised club to the time you return home after playing. There is the usual sliding scale of benefits for various types of accidental injury. For players over 80 the benefits are reduced. If you’d like further details ask the Secretary Deirdre,

Associate Membership

You can become an Associate Member of Camberwell so long as you are already a member of another club through which your $35 PFA license fee is paid. Associate membership gives you access to all the facilities, playing opportunities, social activities  (some charges may apply) and benefits of an Adult Membership. Associate membership costs just $50 p.a.“If joining in a period after the start of the fee year, fees are pro rated based on the Quarter in which you join”  

Junior Membership

Juniors are those under 18 on the day they join and are not charged any fee by Camberwell. They pay $10 p.a. for their PFA licence and insurance cover unless they join in the fourth quarter, April – June, in which case PFA waive their fee for that quarter.

Interested In Joining?

We very much welcome new members and will do everything we can to introduce you to the Club and try the game of Petanque. Come and join us on any of our weekly social games for three trial sessions. We will nominate a 'buddy' to introduce you to both our members and the game. You will be covered by the PFA insurance too. The three trial games are free and you never know, you may even win a Saturday prize before you join, it has happened before! See Join Us for further information or download a Membership Application Form at the bottom of this page.

Membership Lists

The Membership Officer, Paul Williams, maintains a list of Members and their contact details. This is updated and emailed to all Members regularly. Please advise Paul of any changes to your details via email Please respect Members’ confidentiality and use this list for Petanque matters only.

Club Shop

Members can purchase individual items of the Club uniform. Articles available include long and short sleeve collared polo shirts, vests and caps. There are sample sizes to try at the Club. There are some photos of these on the right. You can download an order form for all items (see below pdf). Complete the form, PLEASE EMAIL THIS ORDER DIRECT TO MICHAEL. OR LEAVE IT AT IN THE 'UNIFORM ORDERS" BOX IN THE OFFICE

Payment: You can choose to pay by direct Debit (See the form for details). Or, you can pay by card at the Club. Or, you can 'phone your card details to Kathy or Rex.

We don't hold stock of these items due to all the different sizes so there may be a small wait for delivery.

The Club can also advise and supply you with the appropriate size and weight of Petanque boules to suit your playing style. You can buy accessories such as cochonnets, scorers, boule bags and magnetic boule lifters.To purchase boules and other playing equipment contact John Paul Ernst, 0415 613 502,