What's Petanque? Here's Us Having A Go!

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Petanque, One Game, Two Systems

Throughout this site you'll find menus and comments are often separated into 'Club Games' or 'Competitions'.

Club Games

Some Members prefer to play in Club Games, based only at our Club. It has variety with plenty of ups and downs while also being relaxed and comfortable. Club Games are played at the Club on Wednesdays & Saturdays. Everyone plays with everyone regardless of expertise so newcomers can easily pick up the game.

Wednesdays are 'out of the bucket' draws

The Clubhouse opens around 10.30

The first game starts  at 11.00

Lunch half an hour is at 12.00 and games continue at 12.30, 1.30 and 2.30 for those wanting to play longer

On this casual day you can join and finish at whichever game suits you because the draw is "out of the bucket". There is no fee for playing Wednesday games

Win A Prize On Saturdays –You could be teamed with good players and win a prize. The latest winners are in the photo, top right. 

April through to December you must register in the computerised draw by 12.45. The clubhouse opens at 12.00 and play starts at 1.00. The 3 games are usually over by about 4.30.

During the 3 months of summer there is a different format which may differ from year to year. The 2020 format is to be advised.

See more on Club games and previous results here.


Others choose to venture further afield. While regularly playing Club Games they also play in Competitions at other clubs around Victoria. This provides more variety with the challenges of different pistes and players. Maybe the highs are higher and lows are....don't remind us! Competitions aren't just for experts – you’ll see people of all skill levels playing. With it's French origins Petanque is full of égalité! Make up a team, perhaps play your first competition at CPC, a familiar venue. Then move on to playing different players on other club's pistes.

For example St Kilda hold a competition across Sundays through winter. Teams are drawn 'out of a hat' mixing players from many clubs. Or join in a country club event like Avoca in November. Your play will improve as your experience broadens. For the latest announced competition, see the photo, lower right. 

Find out a lot more about competitions below.

The Rules

Whenever you choose to play, the rules are the same. The main rules are set out in a simplified summary at Rules