Saturday 02 Novemeber 2019

"After Friday's cosy dinner under the stars you all knew Saturday was going to be tough didn't you!

However while you all stayed at home, 6 intrepid petanquistes turned up.

And the man up there didn't let us down, he poured BUCKETFULS down at us.

So change of plan. We'll just have to start Happy Hour right away.

Then an idea, 'indoor boules'! The first boule landed with such a crash as it skittered towards the far exit door.

So we thought we'd better give that idea a miss.

How about 'Short boules' under the shelter was the next thought.

Then we looked at the delicious cheese, the inviting wine and sopping piste, "NO, we're staying right here'

And in the end I suspect we had as enjoyable an afternoon as you guys at home.

Thank you Jenny for the text about how balmy and warm the sunshine was in Cairns. Just what we needed to hear!"

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