Saturday 01 October

Wow! the Sun really did bring out the players.

Such a beautiful day. Where else could you possibly want to be?

Of course , the registration went perfectly.....untl Rex decided to tweak things. This resulted in his score for the first game (13-2) being deleted. A fact not found untill after the prizes were awarded.

Had all the scores been included (13-2), (13-0) and (11-10) this would have made for best postion on the scoreboard.. That'll teach him!

Generousity of members was outstanding with Both Mark & Bob offering their wine prizes to Rex, who of course, graciously declined to accept.

Nice to see Gordana there for her first Saturday and a prize to go with it. Keeping it in the family, Mark took home wine too. Also of note; our Newest(?) member Antoine, once again on the dias.

Nearly half the scorers have now been permanently affixed. Nobody let Mark know, who didn't understand why it was so difficult to take them out to put back into the shed.

Thanks to Colin & Helen for  not only  opening and registering, but also for the deep etched image of the winners. Such talent in this Club.

The Grinners were: Dr Bob, Jenny, Antoine, Mark Rafferty, Shelly & Gordana

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