Saturday Winner - Guess Who

At first there was one. Then 2. After the Cancellation of the Sunday Comp., the thought was maybe there would be a large turnout for the Saturday.

But alas, the prediction of a bit of heat was a deterrent for many it would seem. However, Trish, Mick, John M, Howard, Rex, Baard, Mark & Jo (and the dog) made a brave start. With Peter Barker umpiring/spectating/coaching and general commentary.

Even though money did change hands so that wine was on the table as an incentive, the teams were made from Boules in the Bucket.

John M & Rex against Howard & Baard. Trish & Jo took on Mark & Mick

The 2 Ms prevailed 13-3 - excellent Delta. Amazingly, Howard & Baard were overrun with a 12-7 defeat. Wow!

Trish & Mick had to depart after lunch, as did Howard and Peter. But John Ross arrived, boules at the ready. Bless his little cotton Socks.

The triple that ensued then was John M, Rex and Mark against Baard, Jo, and John R. A sensational win for J,R & M.

After this game Baard departed as did Jo (and the dog). As there was wine in the offing a final decider needed to be played. At this time the tune; Mad dogs and Englishmen out in the midday Sun, came to mind.

John M and Rex had both played on the same winning teams, therefore they had to be be on opposing teams in the last to be sure of a clear winner. No matter which team Mark was on, and won, he would get the wine.

So  through a very convoluted and extremely random allocation system Mark played with John M against John R & Rex.

Although the incentive of wine no longer existed for John M, he and Mark did a magnificent job in being defeated very elegently by the 2 most senior players (152 years combined) John Ross had played only 2 games with one win so the wine went to the very appreciative younger partner.

Great Games, Great People. Great Club





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