Saturday 21st. results

by Di

We had a zesty group of 15 members attend on Saturday. Perfect weather for pétanque mixed with a burst of southern piste compaction, masterfully despatched by J-P and assisted by Vinz. (No-one can ever say there's no action on a pétanque piste!)

While I am sure our feisty pétanquers were keen to test out the new playing surface, they stayed north of the border and spent the afternoon respectfully thrashing out some high scoring games under a cloudless sky.

And here are the results:

John W 16
Margaret 15
Peter, Sandra, Sue, Trish  11

Myriam 10
Howard , Vinz 9
Mary D 8
Colin, Helen 7
Keven 6
Libby 2
David 0

A great Saturday back at the Club, although the photographer seems to have taken an early mark.


Article and images by Di

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