When Do We Play?

Firstly, At Weekly Club Games

Weekly games are held at the Club amongst Club Members only. Usually twice a week. These are not 'win at any cost' games. Come and relax and enjoy the great game of Petanque. This is a chance to mix with other members, play for the fun of it, try out new techniques, learn the ropes and then maybe also to win! Here are the current schedules –

1. Wednesdays are 'out of the bucket' draws

  • The Clubhouse opens around 10.30
  • the first game starts at 11.00
  • lunch (BYO) half an hour is at 12.00 and
  • games continue at 12.30, 1.30 and 2.30 for those wanting to play longer

On this casual day you can join and finish at whichever game suits you because the draw is "out of the bucket". There is no fee for playing Wednesday games.

2. IN SUMMER ONLY (Nov-Mar) Fridays are 'social' evenings

Play is casual out of the bucket with games starting at 4.30 and 5.30. At 6.30 we have a BYO dinner together, maybe we bring the BBQ out, ideally we dine outside as the sun goes down which provides a lovely atmosphere. There's a $5 per person fee and just to add some sparkle everyone is given a ticket for raffles of wines or chocolates. It's a great end of week relaxation. Then another one or two games are played as people wish.

3. Saturdays are 'randomised' draws

  • The Club opens at 12.00 for lunch (BYO)
  • you must REGISTER BY 12.45 at the Clubhouse and have paid your $5 fee
  • the draw for all 3 games is made at 12.50
  • the first game starts promptly at 1.00
  • Three games are played and are usually over by about 4.30

At the start of the afternoon, teams are randomly drawn for all 3 games by computer. This ensures you don't team up with the same person twice. Players are encouraged to play all 3 games otherwise it upsets the draws. All Club games are timed to 45 minutes plus one end. At the end of the day prizes of bottles of wine are awarded to both male and female winners, the number of prizes depending on the number of players. For Saturday games there is a fee of $5 per person to play regardless of player numbers or the draw system. 

To make these games work PLEASE DON'T BE LATE FOR REGISTRATION, it will upset the schedule for everyone. See more details at Club Games

Secondly, Play At Competitions

Competitions are where you form a team with people either from Camberwell or from another club and compete against other teams at the club that is scheduled to host that competition that day. For some events that club may be Camberwell itself. Competitions can be doubles or triples, can be mixed gender or separate male and female and in large competitions may have age brackets too.

Competitions take place almost every weekend at one of the many clubs around Victoria or interstate. This provides a lot of variety and offers more challenges as well as a lot of enjoyment. You don't have to be particularly good to play in competitions, there are no qualifications. OK so you may not win but you'll have a good time and probably learn from the experience and practice. Visiting clubs is always interesting and playing at country competitions can make a great weekend getaway.

Further information

At the Games menu you'll find more details on the Club games formats and the weekly results. You'll also find a lot more about competitions such as finding a partner, how to register, and the different match formats.

We Need Your Help!   YES, WE REALLY DO ! !

We entirely rely on those playing in competitions to take a few pictures, of their team, of the prize winners, of general play.  Everyone visiting our site will appreciate your contribution to keeping our website alive with interesting news. And if you win ....WONDERFUL!... TELL US ALL ABOUT IT.

Competitions are sponsored by our peak bodies Petanque Federation Australia (PFA) and Victoria Petanque Clubs Inc (VPCI). For more about these bodies including the My Petanque website, go to the Who are PFA and VPCI menu.

Under the Play Better menu you'll find how to improve your play. There are expert tips, video clips, diagrams and helpful suggestions.