Petanque - Funny Name, Great Game!

Being French nothing sounds as it looks!

The game is petanque = P'tonk
Played with steel boules = boul
On a stony piste = peest
With a cochonnet (jack) = coshonay ('cosh') (jack)

What's So Good About Petanque?

It's great fun, it can be played by all ages, and being French, it has style! It's easy to learn and even to play well. It's not at all formal and if you ask our members what they really enjoy they say it's the social side, the people, the fun and the friendships. We play 2-3 times a week so you can choose when you play, no fixed team schedules. Games are randomly drawn, mixed men and women. It's also something you and your partner can do together. 

Petanque - it's alive, it's social and it's different! Click here to quickly see why.

How Is It Played?

Play is between 2 teams, each with either 2 or 3 players. Very, very simply you have to get more boules nearer the cosh than theirs. Sometimes you just have to knock them out! Have a look at the sparks flying in this short video

Covid Safe

We play outdoors with only 4-6 players on a very large piste. Plenty of distancing room. There's no shared equipment. Even inside, the clubhouse is spacious. It's at the very low end of risk and obviously we take that seriously.

Come for a free trial session 

Call us to book a trial session.

Call Rex (0412 148 116), Coleen (0403 752 231)

Or text us 'CPC, your mobile' or REGISTER YOUR INTEREST and we'll be in touch

Watch a game together to get an idea how it’s played. Practice some throws with your host. Join a casual game with your host and other members. Two more free visits are allowed before you join


Call Rex (0412 148 116), Coleen (0403 752 231) or Paul (0412 259 333) and say "Can I have a go!" We'll lend you the boules and get  you going'.

Here's us having fun - video

When And Where Do We Play?

Social games at the Club are played each week of the year, weather depending

Wednesdays 11.00 - 3.00, casual 1 game, then lunch. followed by 2 more games Friday evenings from 5.30, 3 games with a dinner break under our wonderful new lights. A great end to the week. Saturdays 12.00 - 4.30, lunch & 3 games complete with prizes. Arrive a little earlier to allow time to register for the game.

Almost every weekend there are competitions at other petanque clubs throughout Victoria. Country games can make for great weekends away, there's usually one somewhere each month.

The Club is at Lynden Park Recreation Facility, Wakefields Grove, between 64-66 Through Road, Camberwell, 3124. See Contacts or the map below. 

There's A Social Side To The Club Too!

Playing Petanque is only part of the fun. The social side is important and we particularly welcome new members. Teams are selected randomly so you will mix with everyone. For competitions you can make up your own teams. There's always time to have a chat and a laugh, even during games! We have social occasions throughout the year including BBQs, special events, Happy Hours and friendly matches with other clubs. Our Christmas dinner is a highlight. Here's a member's video we put together recently.

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Answers To All Your FAQ's

1. What should I wear?

The only requirement is that you wear closed toe shoes. Otherwise anything goes, whatever you are comfortable in. Club polos etc are available to buy.

2. Political incorrectness!

Even the French are now having to be more P.C.! Petanquistes used to claim it was the only ball game you could play with a glass of wine in your hand. Now it must be kept off the piste.

3. How fit do I need to be?

Not particularly but petanque will help keep you active. A game takes 50-60 minutes. We usually play between 2 and 4 games. To assess the state of play at first hand it helps if you walk up and down the piste so it's good excercise. Magnetic 'lifters' can help you pick up the boules from the ground. Nor does it matter if you are right or left handed.

4. How good is your French?

It doesn't matter at all. The French mumble 'Merde' when things go wrong!

5. How do I apply to become a member?

 Complete an Application Form which you can download at the bottom of this page. This will be reviewed by the Committee at its next monthly meeting. Confirmation will follow shortly afterwards.

But to get going quickly just call Rex (0412 148 116), Coleen (0403 752 231)

6. What does membership cost?

- Adult membership

The $115 annual membership fee includes PFA's $35 fee which provides you with Australia wide injury cover while playing. The Club’s fee year is July - June. “If joining in a period after the start of the fee year, fees are pro rated based on the Quarter in which you join”   Your annual membership subsriptions is inclusive of  the Clubs playing fees, so there are NO extra fees to pay to play

- Associate membership

If you already have a PFA players licence you can become an Associate member of Camberwell for $50 p.a., “If joining in a period after the start of the fee year, fees are pro rated based on the Quarter in which you join”. As an Associate Member you are entitled to play in all Club games. Some social activities may attract a charge.

- Junior membership

A Junior must be under 18 on the day they join. Their only cost is a PFA Juniors licence fee at a flat rate  of $10 p.a. which is waived if they join in the April-June quarter.

 7. Can I get coaching?

Yes both 'as you play' and Club coaching sessions are held at intervals across a year.