Saturday 29 FEB 2020

"Saturday saw a Leap Year Special, an extra bottle to the lowest scoring male and female. You could see all the brains ticking – 'I know what I'm going to do'- but faking bottom was no easier than faking top. Congratulations to surprised Alma (whom we had to drag back from the carpark to collect her award) and, for different reasons, a surprised Gerald who must have had an unexpected off day.... or perhaps partners! Then the trouble started. Having read out the winners there was a cry from the ladies side "But I won 3 games and she only won 2" looking with mock accusing glare at said 'she' across the floor. True indeed, a Monkey stuff up, score entered as 8-2 not 2-8. The day was saved by shooter Brian from the Grampians who had joined us for the afternoon generously donating his bottle to the crestfallen lady about to have hers taken back. The end result was happiness all round, Leap Year Special Players Alma (0 -17) and Gerald (1 -20), 1st prize Gloria (3,32) and Colin (3,31), 2nd Trish (3,15) and Billie, aka Brian (2,15) . Congratulations all. Nearly everyone went home happy except Monkey, tail firmly between legs."



pic by Helen Mc (I think)

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