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Published: 17/05/2020 - 08:47

Find A Partner

Teaming up with new partners brings both playing and social benefits. You can use our website to advertise your interest in teaming up with others. Click here to place an enquiry.


To play in a competition you need to register your team. All competitions are registered via the My Petanque website All the details you need to know to register should be on the flyer the host club publishes. You can usually register online in advance. Sometimes you can leave registration to the day of play. Check the cut off date carefully. Most competitions have a moderate registration fee of around $20 p.p. most of which goes towards providing cash and kind prizes for the different categories of players.

The images on the right are pages from the My Petanque website showing, from top down, the Home page, the page where you register your team and also the page where you can see which other teams have registered so you can check out who you may be playing against. It's an easy site to use.