Geographically Speaking. By photos submitted

So far Kathy holds the record for Most Elevated Petanque game; Above Falls Creek with an elevation of 5840 feet.

Followed by Keven, Mary, Chris, Baard, Barbi, Tric & Mic at Hotham at 5740 feet

Antoine is next in Senegal at 210 feet

With Ron and Sue in Dartmouth at a mere. 148 feet

However, Ron & Sue Have the most distance from CPC at Dartmouth 17,161 km Antoine in Senegal at 16,713 km

So if you you've played somewhere, send an image and be in the Challenge. We'll make up some record for it.


Furriest spectator. Recorded at the 60 plus mixed doubles at Weird Pétanque Club- by Ron J

Lord Howe Update- See detaied article:CLICK HERE

Furthering our Club's global influence there was the small matter of re-claiming the title of CPC's most exotic outpost from recent upstart usurpers Rex and Kathy. We are still questioning their claim that Falls Creek (pondage height a mere 5233ft – that's the high water level not the bottom of the lake) justifies claiming the title from January's Hotham adventurers (clearly higher at 5607ft – that's the piste itself, not Hotham peak). Perhaps R & K were standing on a mountain top; bit difficult for a minimum 6m throw though. We remain in doubt!

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