CPC has new Daylight Outdoor Cinema Centre

After many many arduous hours of construction work by a single Tradey/labourer/designer/architect, one Keven Diggens. The all new, multi dimensional, 3D surround sound Outdoor Cinema Centre has at last reached completion.

This revolutionary Cinema Centre is unique in that it is viewable during daylight hours in Solid 3D surround sound, full high definition beauty. That's better than 8 K. A feature seen here as a worlds first.

The whole set up was designed to fit in situ to accomodate the seating that was already in place.

The true beauty of this design is best appreciated in bright sunshine., where the viewer is not only protected from the harsh UV Rays but has a wonderful view of the ongoing 24/7 main feature, which at this stage seems to be soley on a nature content of Native trees, birds, cloud vistas and the occasional glimpse of what seems to be demented fauna tossing metal objects about, followed by loud cursing, then walking up an down aimlessly. Repeating the procedure all over again.

This reviewer has been given no information on any further changes in program.

Night time viewing is more conventional in that typical projection methods are used in allowing for far greater variety in cinematic features.

Construction and material details are as unique as is the concept.

The top sloping area has been meticulously crafted using wooden slats. 12 in total. All of which had to meet very tight demands in angle attenuation. Each one requiring at least 16 ladder climbs to check angle. length, fit and of course matching to previously installed slats on the adjacent side of the construction

For those who like specs, try these: there are 12 slats of varying lengths horizontally. An average weight of each at 13 kilos. With 16 ladder climbs, that's 208 kilos lifted per slat. 12 Slats by 208 kilos makes the equivalent of over 2 and a half tons of woodwork above your head. The total length of all the slats is just shy of 3 kilometres or there abouts. A combined total of4000 screws and nails. 2 scraped shins, a number of broken fingernails and a now empty bottle of Scotch.

Of course the great feature of the outdoor screen is even when not taking advantage of viewing the scenes it affords sunshade as well wind block. How extraordinary is that?

A date has not as yet been set for the official opening of this new facility, however access is available at most times and a visit and viewing of this new complex is most highly recommended. Bookings not essential at this early stage.

Compliments and accolades should be showered upon Keven for all his work

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