The BBQ on the 6th April


 CPC wins the Nationals Clean Up Trophy

Today CPC fielded a well trained team of 20+ members to win the challenge of who can clean up a club load of weeds from their pistes in record time. CPC came from behind with only 4 entries to start with but the number soon swelled to 20 plus and they were on a winner. In just 1 1/2 hours they cleaned 24 entire pistes of all weeds. So fast were they that club trainer and BBQ expert, John Ross, ably helped by Graeme Houghton, had to scramble to catch up and serve food before there was a mutiny. Luckily John knows what he is doing with a BBQ and having got it squeaky clean he cleaned up with CPC's second trophy win of the day - for the best tasting sausages. The doughty second row of seasoned helpers, Alma and Jenny, produced two brilliant salad bowls, maybe that should be bowls of salads, sorry got carried away in the excitement. And there is more, see Social News.



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