Treasurer Awards Sandra

Sandra Brown played in the Australian Championships Women'S 60+ Singles on 22 April 2019. After 5 qualifying matches Sandra was ranked on top, then played off in the Finals and eventually came Third. Josh Frydenberg, the local MP presented this well deserved Award to Sandra on Saturday May 4.

Weatherwise it started out as the not most Ideal day for petanque play, awards acceptances or visting Federal Treasurers. However, as usual at Campberwell Petanque Club, all came good in the end. Josh Frydenberg's phone finally took a break and with an excellent speech he presented Sandra with her well deserved award.

Josh Frydenberg then went on to explain how there is a grant for lighting to the value of just under $50K in the offing. Of course it just relies on both the current Government and himself being returned to office.

Play ensued, with our local MP taking advice on technique and style before he launched a couple of well aimed boules onto the piste. He showed great interest in the club and the game and even suggested he might have his daughter get involved as a junior. She is 4 years old.

Phones started again, photographers were exhausted and the Saturday Competition continued in earnest, with the sun finally coming out to make for a great days play.

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