Do You See the Light?

The Lights

Like a bolt of lightning from the Blue! When the switch was thrown, surrounding neighbourhoods were ditched into darkness, but all around CPC there was an aura that could be seen from space………

Well enough of the hyperboule (did you see what I did there?)

It really was something to experience ‘though. Yes our lighting was finally up, running and turned on.
A perfect evening for it too. A little Warm and a lot humid.

20 players started the evening, now under slightly less harsh Covid conditions, where we were also treated to play on the newly surfaced Southern Pistes. After 2 games of excellent standard (?), tables were brought out and much, albeit socially distanced, dining and socializing ensued to a point where dusk was closing in. No better time to “Throw the Switch”.

It was recognised that John Muscat was the Major Architect in getting the the lights project going and to the highest specs, however, as John had departed, and to make it fair and random, it fell upon a guest- Lee (who should now feel suitably obligated to sign a membership form) to take the responsibility of Flicking the Switch.

What a wonderful sight to behold. Some were warned to expect that 50 plus sunscreen and sunglasses would be required to withstand the brightness. But Not so. A beautiful even layer of gentle lightwash pervaded the whole area. Like a really bright full moon, only an hundred times lighter. No harshness. Gentle and even. Your reporter was overwhelmed with the quality of the beams.

Further, the one single light overlooking the Girl Guides/ Dog Training area was enough to well light 50% of the grounds. Certainly a bonus for them.

So gone are the days of faffing bout with mobile ‘phone lights to try to finish a game. We can now be swathed in beautiful soft, bright, even lighting to enjoy our evenings. And when we have those wonderful balmy evenings that Melbourne can offer up at this time of year, nothing could be better. It may also mean that we will be adding evening competitions in the State playing calendar bringing the many benefits that come with that.

Having the lights should also be an attraction to potential new members as well as our own current members who may find playing at other times difficult.

All in all a fantastic new asset and feature that your club now has.

A tremendous amount of “Thank Yous” to all who were involved.


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