Ryman Healthcare Introduction Day

Ryman Healthcare Introduction Day

Thursday April 29, Saw a visit to the Club of 30 Residents from the Ryman Healthcare Group. The Club looked in fine shape to greet the residents and we turned on spectacular weather to enhance the day.

Courtney Skene along her wonderful colleagues set up an incredible array of pre-game nibbles table with which to start the day.

Camberwell Petanque Club was well represented with volunteers; Trish, Chris, Suzi Gray, John Ross, Rex ., Kathy, Mary Diggens, Michael Young, Keven and of course Prez Mick, all of whom provided table layout, kitchen set up and more as well as, of course, instruction and tuition to all the uninitiated.

Before going out onto the Pistes, the visitors were shown the short Video “How to Play Petanque the CPC way (https://tinyurl.com/te53hnt7) . This introduced a bit of understanding, humour and fun. After All the first Rule of Petanque is : To Have Fun” which also happens to be the second Rule of Petanque.

About an hour of playing, learning, and witnessing some excellent techniques displayed by the players, proceeded a fantastic Barbeque luncheon provided by the Ryman Group. Great social interaction over the white linen tablecloths was enjoyed along with the help of some excellent beveridges dispensed by Courtney and colleagues. -You see, there are bonuses to volunteering sometimes.

All in all it seems a fantastic day all round. The visitors really enjoyed their outing and the Club may even pick up a new member or two.

Thank you to all concerned


Photos Courtesy Courtney Skene, Ryman HealthCare.


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