Trophy for David

By David Newton:

As some of you may recall when Libby and I recently joined CPA I was intent on improving my game so as not to embarrass myself as I had entered the Flinders Petanque Club Championship which was held 3 Sundays ago. I had a lot of encouragement and tips to improve my game from Club Members. Well the result was I won the Flinders Petanque Club 'Could’ve Been Champion Trophy' (see Picture below)! So I owe a big thanks to all who helped but particularly to the female duo of Trish and Chris. Trish because she encouraged Libby and I to join CPA and Chris because her parting words to me were to relax.

Let me explain the championship further. There were separate men's and women’s champion series with a cup for each section with 32 players equally divided into men and women. Those that lost the first game went into the 'Could've Been' section and competed for a separate trophy for males and females. I lost my first game 9/4 so hence went in to the 'Could’ve Been' section. I won my next two games 9/4 and 9/2 to reach the final which because of time constraints was limited to first to 7. My opponent was the previous 'Could’ve Been Champion'. I started well enough and was leading 6/5. My first boule in the next game was close but my opponent edged me just out . My second boule was close but not close enough. So with one boule to play to his two I drew heavily on Chris’s advice and relaxed but concentrated on the line to the couchon and where I wanted the boule to land. The surface was hard but with some stones so I wanted a lower projectory wth some run. I focused and had a trial swing. I then sent the boule on its way and it landed just where I wanted it and then seemed to just so slowly roll to finally rest on the couchon! A perfect point! My opponent was flustered and his two attempts went astray so that is how I won the 'Could’ve Been Champions Trophy'. Of course if I had been played at Camberwell someone would have bombed (shooted) my boule but this was Flinders not Camberwell!
Now I have to ask for help in improving my shooting. I did try to shoot once during the earlier play but the boule popped out of my hand and plumped on to the ground instead of on to my opponents boule. Sorry Trish more help needed with my swing. However my pointing was great.
I am sorry our games have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus but, because of our age, our children are insisting we stay in lockdown. We are looking forward to playing at Camberwell as soon as it all improves. We have found it such a friendly Club and thanks to all who helped me improve my game and encouraged me to give it a go.
Stay safe

Reponse from Trish:

Congratulations on your fantastic effort winning such a marvelous cup in Flinders PC Championship.!!!!

Mick and I aare very proud of you as will all of us at CPC be.

We look forward to more games with you and when things return to "normal".

In the meantime, keep well and visualise more success..

Best wishes


Response From Chris Buter:

David that was brilliant. Of course, you listening to my advice made all the difference, but I must say you are the only person who has ever listened. And as for Trish's wonderful teaching how could you go wrong?

Until we play again and emerge from our lock down. Chris


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