21st Birthday Celebrations

A Report on 21st. Birthday Celebrations SATURDAY OCTOBER 19


What a fantastic Day! Even the weather played the game, well, most of the time. A bit chilly yes. But the rain came only when we were inside for the speeches, food and bevvies.

Plenty of highlights in the day, not the least being Leigh's Cake. A work of art, toil and drama. But what a result. wow!

Of those who attended, around 48 were members. Many in the snappy looking club uniform. A great result. We also had Cr Lisa Hollingsworth there for a while and were fortunate to have Don Miller and his wife Nola, along. Don's excellent account of the Club's start and early days was interesting, informative and very entertaining.

Although there were novelty games organised, it seemed everyone one was just happy to play straight petanque. This means the winners of the Pointing Match was Colin. The winner of the shooting Match was Helen. And the winner of the "Paces vs Metres' Comp was Rex.

How wonderful to see prospective new members along too in the form of grand children, family and friends. All seemed to have a fun day all round.

Mention must be made of the excellent catering under the direction of Marion. Well done to all of those involved. Mmmm! Thanks Chris and Jenny for those sausage rolls which were to die for. The sandwiches were particularly good also. Thanks to Di too, for coming in at dawn to make the salmon sangers. And Billie and Max for offering up their Cosco account to the club and the transportation of supplies. It would be remiss not to mention the input in the planning and direction which Kathy undertook to make things in the catering department work so seemlessly.

We couldn't have had a better Bar Manager than Gerald who was ably assisted by his ex-Chef and staff member Denis and Miriam.

The afternoon drew to a close, and cleaning up got underway with Peter Barker in control of the vacuum cleaner, without Andrew's knowledge, endorsement or approval. The hard core stayers sorted out the problems of the world before embarking on the final round of petanque which was probably one of the greatest highlights of the day, or night, as mobile phone lights had to be used for illumination at the end. You really needed to be there to fully appreciate the intricacies of how these games were played out.

Thank you to all those who came along and made the day what it was,. Thanks to all who put in the effort behind the scenes to bring it all together.

Once again; a Great Day. A Great Club with fantastic members.

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