CPC Christmas Party 2019

What can we say?

Well the first thing is: Make sure you set aside SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER, next year to be sure you get to the next CPC Christmas dinner. Because you would not want to miss out.

Even if it is only half as good as this year then you are in for one spectacular night. But we are working on this year's as the minimum standard to expect for all future Christmas Parties.

It was a fantastic night. Full of fun, frivolity, feasting, music and madness, with a few little surprises throughout the evening.

One committee member was heard to say: "Usually most members would be home in bed by this time and yet they're all still here partying on"

This year, as well as all the usuals, like the fantastic foods etc.

There was amplified sound, recorded music, and LIVE Music in the shape of Heinz the accordianist brought to us by Gerald. Many thanks Gerald

There was a new member sign up. Yay! Denis!

The Blue Illusion retailer in Camberwell supported the Club Members by way of a glorious Gift Package which all the attending ladies recieved. Di Collins needs to be acknowleged as the negotiator for that. Well Done Di.

And there was more...... the unveiling of  the new weed killing machine.... wow!

There was singing (?) from some members. John Muscat and the "Girls"..... Mnan na na nah!

Crooning from Gerald

Dancing in general,

as well as a New Form of Can Can presented by: Sue G., Mary D., Mary M., Trish, Mick, Myriam, Gerald, Jenny, Heinz, Vince, Margaret Y., Florence, Marion, Deni and others.

There was the expected Tap Dance from Rex, but you could  have missed it as it was on carpet and therefore more of a soft shoe shuffle

The tales could go on and on, but best if you make sure you book in for next year to be part of  the next  "BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER"


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