Friday night Play & Dinner

On the spot correspondent Di Collins reports on Friday evening 24 CPC,

"It went like this:

Chris was practising in readiness for St A, when I arrived, then Gerald. We, three, started a game then Leigh joined the happy campers. Chris had to leave but not before handing over to Helen D.

Finished the game and Leigh headed off. Must be time for an apéritif, nice time of evening. Merde, Gerald didn't bring his G&T kit! Oh well might as well have a glass of wine, let's hunt for the bbq while we're at it. Can't pull one out of the hat, better settle for a frying pan.

Around 2hrs later, Helen, Gerald et moi, decided it was too late for another game as the cleaner had turned up. Time to go...good game, now who won?"

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