Square Boules. Running with Boules. and Napoleon

In discussions over theCPC  luncheon table in recent times, member, Ron Jenkins mentioned a game of petanque that uses square boules. Yes, he did say square. It seems there may have been some doubters amongst the listeners -how could that be?-

So as proof to the non believers Ron has provided some serious information.

He writes:

..... this link will take you to the recent square boules championships held in August. Cagnes sur Mer seems to be the main place for this although it is also played in Belgium which does not surprise me having spent 3 years on the German/Dutch/Belgian boarder the Belges are noted for their strange goings on ... as are the Cloggies for that matter.

There is also a video attached to this https://youtu.be/aLXnt9Plh9A

For more detail:

Championnat du monde de Boules Carrées 2019, 17 et 18 août 2019, Haut-de-Cagnes / Des boules carrées (cubes de bois rouges et bleus) dans une rue pentue.

It does really make sense when you look at the terrain on which the game is played.

But like most, thinking of a petanque boule as a cube does mess with the mind a bit.

Boules Provencale/Lyonnaise and Nappy

And continuing on with strange things in the world of petanque Ron had also come across this version:

... attached is a general view of the Boules Provencal that I spoke to you about.

The village is Loumarin in Provence south of Avignon.( if you have ever read the book by Peter Mayle, " A year in Provence" Loumarin is very close to where he bought a house.)

At first glance it appeared to be just another game of Petanque but I eventually noticed that the coche was a lot more than between 6 and 10 metres. Engaged a local in conversation and discovered that it was Boules Provencal. Distance was about 21 metres, don't know if there was a minimum / maximum. The pointer stood with one foot on the leading edge of the ring and did not move from there. The shooter took a long run up to the ring and then let go. Other than this it was Petanque as normal in France.... the bar was open, Pastis was being drunk and smelly French cigarettes were being smoked.

P.s. there is a story, which originated in England, ("Perfidious Albion' again),which says that Petanque was always played a La Provencal but after the Napoleonic Wars there weren't a lot of French men about with 2 legs so they modified the rules to give the amputees a chance. The old version wasn't very fair to the blokes with no arms either but that is another story.

A video explains some of this style: https://youtu.be/rDY_tRlnMo0

So now you know.



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