If it's too wet, windy, cold or rainy to play Petanque, have a go at solving this easy crossword. Most, or some at least, of the clues can be found elsewhere in the website

The Prize is Danny Green's Recipe (Mount Macedon Petanque Club) for that delicious Lamb and Barley Broth  from the Mt Macedon Triples and CPC Doubles menu recently. Truly Magnificent.

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1. You don't want a boule here often or you might feel like you are in one too. (see Lord Howe article first pic)

3. A bunch of Boules like this is like a birds abode

5. People do this to their houses. Some may need to do it with their technique (abb.)

6. Petit enfant

8. A Fast one could get 2 games in the time allotted

11. Sometimes you can win by one or loose by one (abb.)

12. Take note! A school Rex did NOT attend

15. A piste takes up some

16. Ring

17. It's on Mick Jagger's side and there may not be enough

18. When you win one you have to change it


1. What my imaginary crowd does when I Carreau

2. Having a good run and playing well you could be said to be on one

3. It's sometimes done with horse races but not petanque games

4. A child's first boules set

7. Part of the fee the committee members charge for their services

9. One who copies another's technique precisely- Part Bee Keeper

10. What you do to John Ross's BBQ sausages with your fork

13. When in Thailand Andrew and Kanya use this to play a game- Then Change the "R" to a "P"

14. That to which a web site designer might be referred

15. It was on the big fence of the pool house next to the club. Some people might call it this but it is really just graffitti

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