Christmas Paella Latino Dinner

With an almost capacity attendance the Christmas Party, come Midwinter Dinner party, was a success from all aspects it would seem.

Very much a change from the past Christmas parties, although they were starting to change in recent times too. This catered event was the long anticipated Paella evening of mid year. Due to Covid restrictions the on again off again dinner had finally morphed into the CPC Christmas Party with Latino influences.

Many were surprised at how, in a few short minutes they could become multi lingual in three languages.

Entertainment abounded, well nearly abounded, with the almost Flamenco Guitarist and the Clayton’s Passe Doble’.

A collection of Spanish Inspired Music formed the background to the evening, although most was lost in the high volume level of the high volume revellers.

Great to see that during the evening, most of Andrews 8 guests were out playing on the Pistes under the lights  along with Guy and a few others. There maybe a few new members from this event

Marija Savic won the inaugural Encouragement Award - most improved and most dedicated - A concept being initiated by Paul Williams “Enjoying the Game” team

A really fantastic night all round. It must have been, because we just managed to clean up and get out before curfew.

Once a gain another brilliant result from the Social Committee.

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