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Last updated: 12-05-2024
The new ladder draw started from the Christmas Party 2023. Saturday 11th. May - Well, the much talk... MORE
Last updated: 30-04-2024
What Day, what a Team and what a result. - (Runners up) Well done all CPC players. and a special no... MORE
Last updated: 23-04-2024
2024 South and Metro Region Cup Rank Team Doubles Wins Triples Wins Match Points Delta... MORE
Last updated: 24-02-2024
Jenny, Sofima and Dr Bob came 5th. in the Stella Clavisque Consolante in a pretty good field. A trul... MORE
Last updated: 14-01-2024
This competition in USA reccommended by our recent visitors Christoph and Michelle   https://... MORE
Last updated: 26-11-2023
2023 Avoca Triples - Principale Full details are available at MORE
Last updated: 13-11-2023
Congratulations for a hard fought battle for third place in Men's 60+ to Bob, Robert and Vinze at We... MORE
Last updated: 24-09-2023
CPC were finalists in 2 Boroondara Sports Awards Categories. Congrats to Wayne Adams finalist for... MORE
Last updated: 24-09-2023
A fantastic day of competition with a great friendly vibe. The FIVE game format proved extremely po... MORE
Last updated: 23-05-2023
Well! What a day. Started off with lots of predictions of how much more precipitation we might have,... MORE
Last updated: 01-05-2023
   Mixed Triples Sunday 21st May 2023 Pre-registration via mypetanque.comby 11:59 pm Fr... MORE
Last updated: 30-04-2023
Rogers being Jolly
What a magnificent day to Showcase our Club, all the players, the catering, and the Game of Petanque... MORE
Last updated: 26-04-2023
Winning Team
Well done ALL CPC team members who competed in the   - Southern & Metropolitan Region Chall... MORE
Last updated: 10-04-2023
   It’s Jolly Roger Time Again  This year it’s Camberwell Petanque Club’s turn to h... MORE
Last updated: 05-04-2023
   VPCI Southern & Metropolitan Region Challenge Cup  CPC have entered 2 teams... MORE
Last updated: 27-03-2023
If Only !
A perfect Weather day, in a perfect location, and the best of the best competing. And all of this e... MORE
Last updated: 15-03-2023
Look how well represented CPC was... 5 teams!! Outstanding result for Marija & Bastion. Congra... MORE
Last updated: 13-03-2023
Libby and David won the Flinders March Petanque competition yesterday. (Sunday 12th. March) There we... MORE
Last updated: 06-03-2023
After much preparation, set up and management a total of 2 contenders attended and gave it the good... MORE
Last updated: 06-03-2023
    · Winners - Apollo Bay. Congratulation... MORE
Last updated: 08-02-2023
  What a great day at the club. Perfect weather, the pistes looked... MORE
Last updated: 09-12-2022
The consolante specialists, with special guest Sue Rickerby, this time attained 1st place in the con... MORE
Last updated: 05-12-2022
Thanks to Barbi for these images
Last updated: 10-11-2022
An excellent Petanque Day where a huge amount of talent (and Luck) was present . The Pistes Club ho... MORE
Last updated: 03-11-2022
Camberwell were well represented at the Weird Masters Open Doubles tournament on the weekend of Octo... MORE
Last updated: 09-10-2022
As part of Seniors Week in Victoria, Caulfield Sth. Community House put on a number of events includ... MORE
Last updated: 16-08-2022
At least it wasn't wet! The Playing area looked a treat, as did the caterers (and hot soup). Danny G... MORE
Last updated: 04-05-2022
Southern Championships at Dove, Sunday 24th AprilThis is a newish competition where clubs put forwar... MORE
Last updated: 03-05-2022
OUR COMPETITION HEROES  The Nationals This is held every Easter. It's the top competition in... MORE
Last updated: 10-04-2022
Combined teams 2022
The weather was dull but the expectations were bright. Camberwell Contingency arrived already to ro... MORE
Last updated: 05-04-2022
This Close
What a team. What a day. What a result.  On and off weather didn't effect a very "On Play" for... MORE
Last updated: 31-03-2022
Well done Myriam & Guy for a positive 3rd placing at the Nagambie Mixed Doubles this last weeken... MORE
Last updated: 06-03-2022
Sunday’s event was just a normal competition but it was more than that it was a good day, a great su... MORE
Last updated: 21-02-2022
Here is a photo of our team at the Caulfield Triples. They won 3 out of 4 qualifying rounds and came... MORE
Last updated: 12-02-2022
CPC's Huge success in Victorian Singles Championship Congratulations to all. Myriam 3rd. Womans Pr... MORE
Last updated: 01-02-2022
They Deserve to be smiling
Another baking hot day! CPC were well represented. Guy and Myriam playing with Jean Claude, Robert,... MORE
Last updated: 24-01-2022
Can't be that Hard
Look how well CPC members were represented on the score card.   Whoo Hoo!   Photos wit... MORE
Last updated: 18-01-2022
Well Done Chris, Graeme and David
A Brilliant evening in many ways at ST.Andrews Beach On Saturday 15th January, 2022 CPC was represe... MORE
Last updated: 30-11-2021
Great Day
With 18 players each side, CPC won overall with 23 wins versus 13 for St Andrews and a delta of 86 v... MORE
Last updated: 13-11-2021
Winning & Grinning
Fantastic Result! Congratulations Mary.   St Kilda Pétanque Club 2021 Tropical Winter Compet... MORE
Last updated: 08-11-2021
CPC wins Vic Triples Championship Yesterday CPC sent 3 teams down to Weird’s attractive grounds to... MORE
Last updated: 13-09-2021
Horizontal Falls
Latest incoming: After flying by seaplane over and then onto the "Horizontal Falls, one of the world... MORE
Last updated: 09-08-2021
The Rock
Lockdown Escapees Jenny & Heinz continue their Challenge of playing the game in the biggest terr... MORE
Last updated: 26-05-2021
Mary, Vince & Robert receiving prize
Rolling hills, winding roads, wineries, tall fir pines and pistes.If you don't get down there often... MORE
Last updated: 12-02-2021
Victorian Championship Singles 2021 Final Ranking Women 60+ Finals   Rank Name... MORE
Last updated: 13-01-2021
Well Done Guy, Vinze and MichaelWeird Open Doubles Consolante   Rank Name 1 Name 2... MORE
Last updated: 13-11-2020
  See Di's Photo Album of the day here: CLICK HERE   Final Ranking Men Principale Rank... MORE
Last updated: 09-11-2020
We won the Consolante, we won the Social and Camberwell won everyone's hearts and minds putting on a... MORE
Last updated: 09-11-2020
GUY 3rd in PRINCIPAL CPC CLEANS UP CONSOLANTE Well done Guy, Wrights, Cuthberts, Buffets, Sue R, C... MORE
Last updated: 28-11-2019
Awaiting Final Plays
Wow! What a closely fought out competition this was. At half time Lunch break the scores were level... MORE
Last updated: 25-11-2019
Click to Enlarge More Coming
Last updated: 19-11-2019
Congratulations on Michael, Jennifer Cuthbert and Peter Cuthbert for getting 2nd ranking on completi... MORE
Last updated: 23-08-2019
Sociale Winners
For more photos see Diana's album:   CAMBERWELL PC Final... MORE
Last updated: 28-05-2019
2nd Place getters
Main Ridge Mixed Triples Final Ranking Mixed Triples   Rank Name 1 Name 2 Name 3... MORE
Last updated: 23-05-2019
Victoria SS6 Open Qualifying 2019   Rank Team Match Wins Game Wins 1. Uncorrup... MORE
Last updated: 14-05-2019
Report by Ben Nicholson  (A Proud Dad) My son, Zac, is one of Camberwell (CPC) & Victori... MORE
Last updated: 30-04-2019
Representing Camberwell, at the Metro & Southern Region Challenge Cup held at St Andrews Beach S... MORE
Last updated: 16-04-2019
Headline Sponsors
What  Perfect Day for Petanque put on by Camberwell Petanque Club. Great appreciation and ackn... MORE
Last updated: 11-04-2019
Nagambie Cup Well done CPC members Oh! And especiallly Sue Jenkins who  won the pick a s... MORE
Last updated: 01-04-2019
Hanging Rock Mixed Triples 1st place getters in 60+. Whoo Hoo! Nicole, Antoine et Jenny, what a tea... MORE
Last updated: 28-03-2019
Rank Name 1 Name 2 1 Wohler, Eric Tavita Teva 2 V... MORE
Last updated: 27-03-2019
Rank             Name 1  ... MORE
Last updated: 27-03-2019
On the way to the Rest rooms
After the first 4 games  John M, Sue (St Andrews) and a spare wheel they dragged around with th... MORE
Last updated: 27-03-2019
Rank Name 1 Name 2 1 Dufresne, Patrick Demunck, Nicolas... MORE
Last updated: 27-03-2019
Rank         Name 1      ... MORE
Last updated: 26-03-2019
The temperatures predicted by the Australian Digital Forecast Database from the Bureau of Meteorolog... MORE
Last updated: 26-03-2019
Our club stalwart, albiet a social member, Jean Francois managed a wonderful showing in the principa... MORE
Last updated: 26-03-2019
An excellent result for CPC members in the mixed triples at Hanging Rock with Jean Francios and Tina... MORE