Jolly Roger 2023

What a magnificent day to Showcase our Club, all the players, the catering, and the Game of Petanque itself. And from CPC's pov, it couldn't have had a better result.  Finally after many years the Trophy was wrested from Mt Macedon to now sit proudly in our ever expanding trophy case.

A cool start for the Mountaineers though with a -2 degree start for them. However, they were greeted with Coffee/tea and croissants to get them going. Whilst on the matter of foodie stuff, congratulations and huge thanks to all those involved in the catering. Notably, Elaine, Jude, Kathy, Suzi, Billie, Noella with help from Leigh, Wayne, and even Michael (before he Sliced his finger - we found most of it).This writer has often thought the Jolly Roger was more than a competition with Boules, but also a competition of the quality of food. It's always that good at each of the Clubs. Well Done.

The Games: The first round was very much Mt Macedon's way 6 in Front. However the second round brought it back to even. Third round had CPC ahead enough to think they had it in the bank. But a huge fightback from Mt Macedon nearly brought it back to them.

Final Score: 15 wins to Mt Macedon 17 wins to CPC. See side panel for further detail. The individual scores are there too- If you have difficulty reading them, can send you a pdf. on request

Thank you Mt Macedon for making such a great day. The Jolly Roger, The best Competition on The Calendar.

See you there next year


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