Surf & Turf Challenge. SATURDAY 23rd November

Wow! What a closely fought out competition this was. At half time Lunch break the scores were level at 7 all.

St Andrews were very keen to get hold of the .....illustrious(?)... trophy, to the point (it was rumoured) that the had bred a special 'turf only"  bush fly. Much to the annoyance of CPC Players

However, the results were called. Hand shakes all around. BUT THEN.............. it was found that the score card was incomplete. A recount had to be undertaken. Checked, Audited, rechecked.

But no matter what; CPC was announced the winners to retain the trophy. Whoo Hoo!

There was some, no! A lot of brilliant plays from both teams. The pistes were much faster generally than those that CPC players are used to, but it would seem also to the St A Players. It was dry and finely surfaced.

The Food was excellent. That was another attempt to lull the CPC players into a warm, full feeling of contentedness and lethargy before entering the arena of competition after lunch. And it nearly did succeed.

Heinz gained the best Player Award from CPC with 3 wins and a better delta than the other 5 players with 3 wins also

Well done to St Andrews Club for their fine hosting and great sportsmanship.

Both Clubs really looking forward to doing battle for this trophy again next year.

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