St.Kilda Menage a Trois 20.01.2019

After the first 4 games  John M, Sue (St Andrews) and a spare wheel they dragged around with them all day, came highest to get in the first round of the Consolante.

But , one more game proved the end of the day for them.

The only results we have to hand are:

1. Jean Francois Veyssiere, Guy Bahler,  Eileen Marie

2. Pierot Lubin, Tim (Alex) Sonpiseth, Josie Petrolo

3=. Julie Lacase, Michael Lacase, Kevin Lasne

3=. Vivian Wilmann Lynn Dufresne Patrick Dufresne

Other faces from CPC seen on the pistes, by memory only, as the registration sheet has disappeared. were:

Guy, as umpitre for the day. Sue & Ron. Myriam. Ben, Oh! and Rex was hanging around too.


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