Victorian Championship Triples

An excellent Petanque Day where a huge amount of talent (and Luck) was present .

The Pistes Club house, gardens and all the rest were in superb condition ready for this contest. 

As usual the kitchen was full of goodies which proved to be so irrasistable they were sold out early. Congatulations to all involved in the catering.

Excellent scoring, which surprised some of those first time competitors who thought they were in for only a few games then discovered they had a full day. Whew!

The heat and humidity did surprise, a few more than others, but all OK in the end.

A huge thank you to all involved in making such an excellent day.

And  many congratulations to all the players  CPC featuring well in the results.

2022 Victorian Championship Triples - Women


Rank Entry
1. Jennifer Cuthbert/Alison Kinghorn/Rhonda Shears
2. Roslyn Allen/Sue Rickarby/Myriam Parsons
3. Medgee Lebrasse/Kate Mangan/Kerrie Maddern
4. Chris Butler/Ruth Giddings/Louise Potter
5=. Shirley Marshall/Catherine Crichton/Aileen Hebblethwaite
5=. Eileen Marie/Marie Claire Maillard/Huguette Mercier
5=. Helen Owen/Kerrie Gadd/Lisa Boyd
5=. Gloria Wales/Marija Savic/Judith Coultas
9. Andrea Bowles/Suzie Adam/Tina Genovese
10. Lynn Dufresne/Jenny Walford/Mary Diggens
11. Trish Ritman/Barbara Solnordal/Shelley Davis
12. Claire Sampson/Chantal Moritz/Beverley Forsyth


2022 Victorian Championship Triples - Men


Rank Entry
1. Guy Bahler/Chris Serre/Laurent Fossaert
2. Christian Lucette/Niven Narayanen/Pierrot Lubin
3. Roger Maddern/Geoff Shaw/Frederick Colin
4. Stephane Langlois/Antoine Buffet/Patrick Dufresne
5. Phalla Nhem/Jessen Soomary/Frederic Vencatasamy
6. Yeganaden (Phil) Carpen/Vikash Jaunky/Desire (Kamal) Veerapen
7. Ron Ware/Greg Lucas/Gordon Oliver
8. Benjamin Bisahu/Vivian Wilmann/Raffi Ghazarian

2022 Victorian Championship Triples - Men 60+


Rank Entry
1. Glenn Bovell/Trevor Keilar/Tim Shaw
2. Vinzenz Mueller/Robert Pozzobon/Guy Mercier
3. Richard Robinson/Tony Lablache/Gerard Finette
4. Rodney Hall/Sary In/Serge Wilmann
5=. Jean Claude Gelle/Faustino Cardoso/Daniel Juhel
5=. Gary Dyason/Rick Hebblethwaite/Peter Whitaker
5=. Christopher Przygoda/Rod Gell/Rohan Dickson
5=. Jeff Langdon/David Williams/Don Collins
9. Michael Berry/Baard Solnordal/Peter Barker
10. Bob Hutchinson/Michael Young/Wayne Adams


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