CPC wins Vic Triples Championship

CPC wins Vic Triples Championship

Yesterday CPC sent 3 teams down to Weird’s attractive grounds to contest the Over 60’s Vic Triples. For a Club not renowned for attending a lot of competitions this was a toe in the water to change that.

The Women’s team comprised Trish, Mary and Marija. The Men’s ‘B’ team was Mick , Paul and Keven and the undisputable ‘A’ team was Guy, Robert and Vince. Part of the plan was to introduce two of our new members to ‘competitions’ and show how they are run. Paul and Marija had a great time, played well and went home full of enthusiasm. It was notable how friendly all the teams were we played against. Hard fought of course but there was laughter everywhere and a few tears. Competitions are not the fearful events people worry about. Petanqueurs are always extremely welcoming and yesterday was no exception.

The highlight of the day was


Congratulations to Guy, Vince and Robert who were crowned the new State Triples Champions.

It wasn’t a dream run all the way though, they qualified by winning 2 games out of 4 but won the last game 13-0. That outstanding win snuck them in to the finals by a delta point or two. Earlier they had lost against a tough team from the Grampians and oh dear it was against them again in the finals. This time it was over quickly as our team cruised home to win 13-3. That’s Petanque, unpredictable at best!

The others all had a good time both winning one game out of four. The B team felt good because their win was over a top team that earlier in the day had beaten Guy’s team. What was that we just said about unpredictable?  

CPC MEMBER WON THE Over 60’s LADIES EVENT! , Aileen Hebblethwaite, was part of the Ladies 60+ team taking out first Prize. Congratulations!

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