Results for Camberwell Open Triple - Sun 16 Feb 2020

We won the Consolante, we won the Social and Camberwell won everyone's hearts and minds putting on a brilliant day's competition.

OK, the Principal escaped us. It was an amazing finals. It only took a few ends and was all over 13-zip in less than half an hour. Clear winners Pierrot, Stephane and Patrick cleaned up over a family team from Cambodia who had played their hearts out all day. Aaron (Junior), Saroeun (his mum) and Sary (his granddad) had a tough semi finals and like some of our players just ran out of puff by the last game.

Talking of tough, many congratulations to Jenny, Peter and Rob who had to fight hard to win the Consolante, a long point by point battle which they won 13 -10. Well done! (Our website Find a Partner brought Rob and the Cuthberts together)

Then CPC triumphed again in the Social finals after a computer glitch initially placed them last!! Billie, Jenny and Heinz played well all day and carried off the crown. They were followed by CPC's 2 other teams who came in the top 5 (of 5 but who cares!)

But the day also belonged to our Club with many players saying how much they were enjoying playing at Camberwell. As teams arrived in the early sunshine the pistes were looking magnificent. Throughout the day little asides were heard about the marvellous food coming out of the kitchen– not just standard fare but tasty, creative home-made delights. The larger than usual prize money tucked in the envelopes was also well received and a big thanks to our sponsor Ryman for contributing to that. None of this happens overnight so a big THANK YOU to those who made the weed free, groomed pistes ready over the past 2 months and Marion's team of Kathy, Sue, Di, Barbi and others who rose to the occasion magnificently. Thank you to all who helped on the day, it was long but satisfying and successful.

What else happened? Well, one of our players, an echidna in previous incarnation, thinking triples meant 3 boules played his third boule and held the point. And no-one noticed! Luckily their opponents finally won the end and quick thinking captain created a diversion at pick up and no-one was any the wiser. Our guys were spared humiliation, shame & disqualification and somehow made it into the Consolante.

Pierrot clearly anticipating his decisive finals win was in playful mood for the photographer.

It was interesting to observe the teams, our uniforms looked smart, there was a lot of black or white outfits and one team with "Cambodia" emblazoned all over their shirt backs (not the Principale finalists) admitted they had never even been there! I still think the young women's team of some years ago who called themselves "The Cereal Killers" had one of the best team names. They were full of fun - snap, crackle and pop!


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