Surf & Turf 2021

With 18 players each side, CPC won overall with 23 wins versus 13 for St Andrews and a delta of 86 versus, of course -86.

Round 1 was a great start for CPC. We won 7 of the 9 games. The other 3 Rounds were really quite close, 5-4, 6-3, 5-4. The overall result gives the wrong impression. It looked like a walk over but it was anything but. There were some very hard fought games down to the last point. It is likely our new pistes, which are not as easy as our old ones, gave us a stronger home ground advantage than usual. The scores confirm this. 2 CPC players won all 4 games with a combined delta of 66. Seven other CPC players won 3 games with a combined delta of 98. This added to a very good day for CPC. We’ll find out how much was home ground advantage at the next return match.

For St Andrews Ali, Graeme and Cliff won 3 games each with a combined delta of 35. Thanks to all from St Andrews. It was a brilliant day, the pistes look great, the sun was out, the catering was excellent, and the opposition was super friendly, what else can you ask for. Perhaps a little less wind. Coches went haywire, players wobbled and one umbrella was blow completely out of its socket to land in the green below.


Images by DI



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