Jolly Roger Result

The weather was dull but the expectations were bright.

Camberwell Contingency arrived already to rock and Roll at Mt Macedon Club's playing grounds.

This was the 13th Jolly Roger Challenge. The standing at the days beginning was  Mt Macedon PC had won 6, Camberwell PC had won 6. With CPC currently the Trophy Holders.

So the challenge was on. The beautifully presented pistes were an alluring deception for the visitors.

Close up and personal as the pistes might be, the hidden challenges, well placed rocks and maginifcently disguised valleys were quite the wake up call for CPC.

Two rounds in and a lunch break, the scores seemed to be in Favour of the visiting Camberwell warriors, with what was heard as to be as a 2 game lead.

It is at this stage recognition must be given to the wonderful, excellent and outstanding provisioning put on by MtMacedon. The usual standard actually.

There was much made of the Soups de Jour. In fact a lot of coaxing from Mt Macedon to the CPC members to try these delights. It is here the rumours of variuos sedative additions to the soup were heard.

Totally untrue of course. But it must be said that the CPC members did look a lot more relaxed after lunch than before.

Two more rounds and the results were in. Danny Green, who incidentally  once again did a magnificent job on umpiring, gathered all players together to announce the reults.

Yes, Mt Macedon PC 15 wins. Camberwell 13 wins.

The trophy will now reside in the ranges for 12 months before it's return to it's rightfull home in Camberwell

Players from CPC that won Prizes: Mary Diggens and Trish, and the Gents; Rob Pozzobon and Peter Barker

Congratulations to Mt.Macedon for the win, for the day and for the food (including the soup).

Congratulations to CPC for tenacity, determination and attendance.

Well Done all! See you next year.


Images courtesy of Alison, Mt. Macedon PC





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